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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC VOCATIONS January 15, 2016 11 SACRED HEART RELIGIOUS GOODS PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING FOR VOCATIONS TO THE PRIESTHOOD, WOMEN RELIGIOUS AND DIACONATE. (906) 228-4462 419 W. Washington Marquette (Located across from the Ramada Inn) Whether by forest or fire, Dustin joyfully serves the Lord! St. Albert the Great and St. Anne Parishes congratulate our (all-terrain) seminarian Dustin Larson as he continues in formation! CARMELITE NUNS, UIF QBSJTI GBNJMZ PG ST. ROSE CHURCH XPVME MJLF UP UIBOL ZPV GPS ZPVS QSBZFSGVM TVQQPSU PG PVS QBSJTI UIF EJPDFTF PG NBSRVFUUF DEACON AARON NOWICKI THEOLOGY IV BORN: July 6 COMMUNITY: St. Peter Cathedral, Marquette PARENTS: Richard Nowicki and Mary Kapalla (+2012) FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: Praying the Jesus Prayer DEACON JERNEJ UTAR THEOLOGY IV BORN: July 4 COMMUNITY: Companions of Christ the Lamb, Paradise PARENTS: Marta and Janez utar FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: Heart to heart with the Lord in silence DUSTIN LARSON PASTORAL YEAR BORN: March 1 COMMUNITY: St. Albert the Great, Houghton PARENTS: Daniel and Sarah Larson FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: Silent meditation; Lectio Divina BROTHER ROMEO CAPPELLA THEOLOGY I BORN: Aug. 11 COMMUNITY: Companions of Christ the Lamb, Paradise PARENTS: Rome and Heather Cappella FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: On my knees THOMAS MERKEL PRE-THEOLOGY II BORN: Nov. 3 COMMUNITY: St. Mary/St. Jo- seph, Iron Mountain PARENTS: Mitchell and Marchell Merkel FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: Cur- rently, Scripture and the rosary BENJAMIN RIVARD COLLEGE III BORN: Nov. 25 COMMUNITY: Holy Family, Glad- stone PARENTS: Jim and Michelle Rivard FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: The Mass; outside of that, Lectio Divina and the rosary CHRISTIAN FLAGSTADT COLLEGE II BORN: Dec. 25 COMMUNITY: Holy Family, Glad- stone PARENTS: Harold and Cathy Flagstadt FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: Rosary, silent time in the Chapel, or group prayer and worship MATTHEW CHARTIER COLLEGE I BORN: May 12 COMMUNITY: St. Barbara, Vulcan PARENTS: Paul and Michelle Chartier FAVORITE WAY TO PRAY: In front of Jesus in Eucharistic Adora- tion or praying the rosary in the woods Seminary address Each of our seminarians are studying at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Consider sending a seminarian a card or letter with a note giving them a spiritual bouquet. Spiritual bouquets, prayers offered for an individual as a gift, can be an encouragement and help them on their spiritual journey. Sacred Heart Major Seminary 2701 Chicago Boulevard Detroit, MI 48206 Meet the diocesan seminarians

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