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14 January 15, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC VOCATIONS www.upcatholic.org A special thank you to Dustin Larson for spending so much time with us and setting such a good example for our Children! From the Staff and Families of Bishop Baraga Catholic School PICTURE YOUR SON OR GRANDSON HERE! Words of Pope Francis to priests, women religious, seminarians DANIEL IBEZ CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY In May of 2015, Pope Francis visited the Pontifical North American College in Italy. It was his first visit to a sem- inary since being elected pope. It was also the first time a pontiffhas gone to the Rome-based seminary for the United States since St. John Paul II's visit in 1980. Throughout 2015, Pope Francis addressed priests, women religious and seminarians multiple times. Here are some of the words of Pope Francis during those talks: "Consecrated life is beautiful. It is one of the most precious treasures of the Church, rooted in the vocation of baptism." "The Church loves you, appreciates you, and prays for you: without your service consecrated life could not exist." "We are not priests for ourselves, and our own sanctification is closely linked to that of our people, our anointment with theirs. You have been anointed for your people." "I ask you to share the joy and enthusiasm of your love for Christ and the Church with everyone, but especially with your peers. Be present to young people who may be confused and despondent, yet continue to see the Church as their friend on the journey and a source of hope." "Each one of us has to respond, as best we can, to the Lord's call to build up his Body, the Church." "Where is my heart? Among the people, praying with and for the people, involved in their joys and sufferings, or rather among the things of the world, worldly affairs, my private space?"

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