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4 January 15, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC COMMENTARY www.upcatholic.org Marquette Neil Newcomb 906-225-0191 1400 Wright Street Escanaba Dale Stannard 906-786-4685 Hwy. M-35 February 1, 2016 Dewitt Church Goods Inc. Restore the beauty of your tabernacle. Call today! Toll Free 1-866-950-3378 T he first time I saw Vickie, she was in the newsroom of The Millington Star. I noted she was pretty, and had big hair - it was the '80s. Being a reporter, Vickie was pretending to be on an important phone call, but we all know she was really talking with her sister, Pam. Harry Hix, editor and publisher of the West Ten- nessee community newspaper just north of Mem- phis, was taking me around the office that Thursday afternoon in May. I had just interviewed for the position of news reporter at the newspaper Mr. Hix and his wife, Carol, owned. Just five days earlier I had graduated with a bachelor's of science in photojournalism. The next Monday I would be a working journalist, with a desk next to Vick- ie's in the newsroom. I'm very thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Hix for many things, including: my first full-time job in journal- ism, being a sterling example of hard work, integrity and civic mindedness, and for introducing me to my future wife. Vickie and I worked well together at the Millington newspaper. She's a natural writer, while it's more of a struggle for me. So, she'd often write articles and I'd provide the photography to accompany the story. As reporters, we worked odd hours and would end up grabbing a bite to eat or going to movies together. Going to movies turned into going on dates, often to our favorite club on Beale Street in downtown Mem- phis, Mood Indigo, or watching televi- sion together. Did we watch news programs, documentaries or other expect- ed TV fodder for journalists? No, we watched Master- piece Theater's mystery series on PBS. Vickie intro- duced me to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple as well as Tommy and Tuppence, P.D. James' Inspector Adam Dalgliesh and Dorothy L. Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey among others. She likes her mysteries. In college the professor teaching one of my litera- ture classes told us that most good stories are moral- ity plays in which those who commit evil eventually come to justice. In these mysteries that Vickie is so fond of, the protagonist may be flawed but will be- come an instrument of justice. The murderer will be revealed and justice will be served. After years of reading and watching mysteries, Vickie wrote her own murder mystery. In fact, she has already written two novels and has another in the works. Death Crashes the Party, the first book in the Liv and Di Mystery series, was released the end of December making Vickie an officially published mys- tery author. We knew it was scheduled for a national release (international, if you inlcude online online retailers), but it was still pretty exciting when a friend sent a photo featuring a stack of her books in a Phoenix bookstore and another friend posted a pic- ture of the book she had just purchased in Georgia. The series is set in the fictional small town of Dixie in West Tennessee near Memphis, where Vickie grew up. Liv and Di, the main characters, aren't perfect, but seek to dig up the truth and in the end justice prevails. In a way, these mystery stories/morality plays reflect our faith. We need to seek the truth. We need to bring our wrongdoings to light in the confessional. We need to seek justice. And, just like in the books, we know justice will ultimately prevail. y j HERE AM I John Fee Truth, justice and mysterious ways Vickie Fee in the 1980s. Watch videos from the Diocese of Marquette online at www.youtube.com/theupcatholic Great Prices Great Food Lynn & Jack Ziminski, Owners (906) 341-8070 735 E. Lakeshore Dr. Manistique (906) 341-5912 200 Deer Street Manistique TWO GREAT STORES TO SERVE YOU!

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