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LOVING FATHER, MASTER OF THE HARVEST; PLEASE SEND MORE LABORERS TO WORK IN YOUR VINEYARD. AMEN. www.dioceseofmarquette.org/vocations DID YOU KNOW CHRISTIAN'S... - favorite Saint is Padre Pio? "I admire his profound and deep spirituality. He also is down to earth with an incredible joyful spirit." - favorite form of prayers are the Rosary, the Memorare and Eucharistic Adoration? In this message I would like to con- tinue the reflection on the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, which invite us to live a chaste life. The Churchs teaching on human sexuality can be understood in terms of living ho- listically, that is, integrating body, mind and spirit in a mutual gift and ac- ceptance of persons. The deep desires of our hearts tell us that we would like to be loved totally, always, our whole life long, faithfully and unconditionally. In Gods plan, mar- riage and the acts proper to marriage are meant to reflect that kind of love. Only God can completely love us in this way. Yet, a husband and wife are called to reflect the love of God in their love for each other. In fact, the promise a man and woman make to each other on their wedding day reflects God's love. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. The acts proper to marriage are meant to communicate bodily a love that is total, permanent, faithful and unconditional. To understand this better, it helps to highlight something we all know by common sense. Our body is an integral part of us. We are body-persons. What we do with our body we do with our person. What we do to another's body, we do to the other person. For example, doing vio- lence to another's body does violence to the other person. Because the body is truly a part of who we are, so is our fertility. An act of contraception speaks an inherent contradiction that undermines the mutual gift and acceptance of per- sons that the marital act is meant to communicate. Contraception says, I give myself to you, but not complete- ly. I do not give you my fertility. I ac- cept you, but not all of you. I do not accept your fertility. This is contrary to the love that Jesus has for us. He gives himself completely to us. He accepts us completely, just as we are. Contraception is contrary to living holistically, it does not integrate the body in the mutual gift and accep- tance of persons. In contrast, contra- ception rejects a part of the body and thus also a part of the person. There are good, legitimate reasons why a married couple may decide not to have children at the present time. In this case, they may use Natural Family Planning. Thanks to advances in knowledge, it is possible to ascertain a womans fertile time with a high degree of accuracy. Thus, when there are good reasons for a couple to delay having children, they may decide to engage in the acts proper to marriage when they know that the wife is not fertile. Natural family planning does not speak the inherent contradiction that con- traception does. Natural Family Planning says, I give myself to you completely, including my fertility, just as fertile as I am. I accept you completely, including your fertility, just as fertile as you are. The use of Natural Family Planning is living holistically. It integrates body, mind and spirit in a mutual gift and accep- tance of persons. JOY OF THE GOSPEL Bishop John Doerfler Living holistically: Part III BECAUSE THE BODY IS TRULY A PART OF WHO WE ARE, SO IS OUR FERTILITY. AN ACT OF CONTRACEPTION SPEAKS AN INHERENT CONTRADICTION AND UNDERMINES THE MUTUAL GIFT AND ACCEPTANCE OF PERSONS THAT THE MARITAL ACT IS MEANT TO COMMUNICATE. (CNA/EWTN News) - For one Catholic bishop in Nigeria, social media and family life are two keys for evangelization and sharing the values of the Catholic Church. We need to invent new means of forming people's con- sciences. We need to form new means of confronting the agents of non-values that are among us. We need to form new means of colonizing the media so that people can hear the voice of the Church, said Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo of Oyo. Bishop Badejo is the chair of the Pan-African Episcopal Committee of Social Communications and is director of com- munications for the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria. The bishop warned of sometimes inappropriate use and malicious intent behind main stream media. Social media can divide communities, exploit, and promote evil, he said. It depends on the man who is behind the camera , it depends on the one who is holding the pen. This does not mean that the Church is anti-media, he clar- ified. For decades, the Church has been stressing the impor- tance of communication, he said, adding that social media is a positive gift with the ability to advance a mutual benefit for all humanity. Bishop Badejo also said that teaching and making the voice of the Church heardis one of the highest responsibil- ities that the conference can undertake because it is one of the highest sources of witnessing Christ. The family will remain the first environment where the child learns to appreciate humanity. The family is the first humanizing organization. The Church has the privilege of being the interpreter of revelation but the family is the cradle where all that has to be prepared. Because the family is the first source of education, it is dangerous to leave learning solely in the hands of media and education system. Appreciation of humanity comes with the family, he said. We must realize the pulpit has moved to anywhere human beings gather, or can listen to anything. Nigerian bishop: Evangelize though family, social media DIOCESAN SOCIAL MEDIA Bishop John Doerfler: www.facebook.com/bishopdoerfler www.twitter.com/bishopdoerfler www.dioceseofmarquette.org/pod- casts Diocesan Vocations: www.facebook.com/FollowBishop- Baraga/ The U.P. Catholic www.facebook.com/theupcatholic www.twitter.com/theupcatholic www.youtube.com/theupcatholic www.upcatholic.org Weekly News Podcasts http://dioceseofmarquette.org/ podcasts

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