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2 February 19, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS www.upcatholic.org Fr. Greg Bramlage of the Missionaries of the New Evangelization will lead our Parish Mission. Each night he will help us to remove obstacles that block our prayers from being answered and he will help us develop an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We encourage you to attend all three nights so that you will not miss an opportunity to be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. GOT FISH? Sftubvsbout boe Tupsft Bewfsujtf zpvs Mfoufo Tfbgppe Tqfdjbmt xjui vt up sfbdi pwfs sfbmmz ivohsz Dbuipmjdt upc@new.rr.com 1-866-452-5112 Pope says mercy and justice do not contradict DANIEL IBANEZ CNA Pope Francis visits with soldiers from Paraguay at the general audience in St. Peter's Square on Feb. 3, 2016. BY ELISE HARRIS CNA/EWTN NEWS When God is described in the Bible as being both mer- ciful and just it can seem like an identity crisis, however Pope Francis said its the opposite: rather than contra- dicting each other, the two actually go hand in hand. Sacred Scripture presents us with God as infinite mer- cy, but also as perfect justice. How are these two things reconciled? How can the reality of mercy be articulated with the need for justice?, the Holy Father said at his Feb. 3 general audience. While these two characteristics can seem like oppo- sites, in reality its not like this, because its precisely the mercy of God that brings the fulfillment of true justice, he affirmed. He said that when we think of justice, what might come to mind is an administration office where victims of an injustice appeal to a judge in court asking that justice be done. This, Pope Francis noted, is retributive justice, impos- ing a punishment to the guilty, according to the principle that each must be given what is due him. While certain wrongs can be made right in this way, he said that it still doesnt bring true justice. Instead, it is only in responding with good that evil can be truly defeated, Pope Francis said, explaining that what we find in the Bible is path that teaches, allowing the offended person to approach the guilty party and invite them to conversion. By helping the guilty person to see the evil they have done and by appealing to their conscience, they are then able to see their wrong and be open to the forgiveness offered, the Holy Father said, noting that this is also how families forgive each other, spouses and children included. Pope Francis noted that of course this is not an easy path, since it requires that we be willing to forgive and to always desire the salvation of those who offend us. (God) does not seek our condemnation, but our salvation, the pope continued, noting that this goes for everyone. The problem, then, doesnt consist of lack of mercy, but rather of who really wants to allow God to enter their heart.

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