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CATHOLIC The diocesan family of parishioners will soon be singing from the same hymnal. As Bishop John Doerfler moves forward with refining and im- plementing the sacred music initiative in the Diocese of Marquette begun by our former bishop, now Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland in Ore- fon, he recently released to diocesan clergy and pastoral coordinators a few simple steps to be taken in singing some parts of the Mass, and plans for a diocesan hymnal. It is projected that the diocesan hymnal will be ready for use by Advent 2017 and for the full implementation of the instructions to be complete by the end of 2020. Bishop Doerfler said he has been fetting questions on a regular basis concerning the February 2013 pastoral letter on sacred music, Rejoice in the Lord Always, issued by Archbishop Sample. The pastoral letter had been issued following more than a year of work that included a diocesan sacred music workshop the previous summer. Sing to the Lord All the Earth, Bishop Doerfler's instruction on sacred music was released on Jan. 26 of this year. It was put forth after discussions about sacred music at last fall's convo- cation of priests as well as the priests' council and with input from various laypeople in the diocese. I think it's perhaps best to think about it in in terms not of change, but how we're growing. In anything we do we always want to grow as a family of God. As a family we do things togeth- er, said Bishop Doerfler. The instruction calls for parishes and schools to learn to sing two parts of the Mass in Latin, the Holy, Holy and the Lamb of God and one part in Greek, the Lord Have Mercy or Ky- rie. These parts will sung in Latin and Greek some of the time and the rest of the time in English. I'm really fulfill- ing the direction of the Second Vatican Council. The liturgy documents coming out of the Second Vatican Council talk about having all the people learn Mass parts in Latin, Bish- op Doerfler said. As to why we would use Latin and Greek in the Mass, Bishop Doerfler said, That's part of our heritage. For exam- ple, if you look at the average house people have, do they have photographs, may- be of grandparents or loved ones, or other things from their family history? Well, we have things from our family history that we keep with us. Additionally, the instruction calls for parishioners to sing the Communion Antiphon. A number of small parish- es in the diocese may not have many resources, including musicians. So, the instructions include the use of simple tones that can be sung without musical accompaniment. Bishop Doerfler said, If we look at the Mass there are some things that we call antiphons little refrains and the wonderful things about these antiphons is that they come right out of the sacred Scriptures. So by singing them, it's another way for the sacred Scriptures to enter into our mind and into our heart. The diocesan hymnal is planned to bring together more resources into one book than is currently available, and to provide a wide variety of music that the parishes can select for use for congregational singing. A committee of two pastors and three musicians representing the various geographical areas of the diocese and musical tastes will lead the development of the hym- nal under the leadership of Samuel Holmberg, diocesan director of sacred music. Additionally, parishes are being asked to make recommendations of music they'd like to see included. This could be done very simply, Bishop Doerfler noted. For example, a pastor or parish musician could sit down and photocopy the index of whatever resource they're using now and put a checkmark by all the songs that the parish knows and is currently using and send that in to me, and just indi- cate that these would be the recom- mendations to include in the hymnal, he said. The hymnal is being put together with a lot of consultation. Our director of sacred music, Sam Holmberg, is the coordinator of a committee. The com- mittee is going to be doing the bulk of the work. We wanted a committee that would be truly representative of the diocese and be able to put together something that would be practical and user friendly for the parishes, Bishop Doerfler said. The instruction does not dictate what songs are chosen for Mass on the weekends. The parishes are free to choose from the hymnal what they will sing, Bishop Doerfler said. It's going to be a broad repertoire from classical to contemporary. For example, you'll probably find 'Holy God We Praise Thy Name' and 'Be Not Afraid' in the hymnal. We anticipate to have about 300 hymns in the hymnal, which is a much larger number than any parish knows or uses so, there will be lots to choose from. To facilitate the implementation of the sacred music instruction, Bishop Doerfler has directed Holmberg to provide regional workshops for sacred musicians across the diocese. Holm- berg plans to have workshops in each vicariate. He said he is also developing resources, including a list of free, on- line materials that parishes may use. The emphasis on sacred music is to help make the Mass more beautiful, said Bishop Doerfler. He pointed out that he was surprised how a large fathering of youth responded to chant at the Mass. Last summer I was at the Steuben- ville North Youth Conference with about 2,000 high school students from around the Midwest and I was the celebrant of one of the Masses. And I chanted some of the Mass parts and 2,000 high school students chant- ed back. I'm serious, said Bishop Doerfler. He added, It's all about helping to make the Mass more beautiful. It's all about growing. It's all about beauty and people are attracted to beauty. One of the key points in evangelization is doing music well. Editors note: The full text of Bishop John Doerfler's instruction on sacred music and Archbishop Alexander Sample's pastoral letter are available on the diocesan website at www.dio- ceseofmarquette.org/divineworship/ sacredmusic Diocese to begin singing from the same hymnal JOHN FEE THE U.P. CATHOLIC Choir members sing during a special Mass on July 18, 2015 marking the 125th anniversary of the founding of Immaculate Conception Parish in Iron Mountain. DEACON JERNEJ SUSTAR Companions of Christ the Lamb Theology IV WE INVITE YOU TO PRAY FOR VOCATIONS. LOVING FATHER, MASTER OF THE HARVEST; PLEASE SEND MORE LABORERS TO WORK IN YOUR VINEYARD. AMEN. www.dioceseofmarquette.org/vocations DID YOU KNOW DEACON JERNEJ... - grew up in Slovenia, the same country as Bishop Frederic Baraga? - will be the 1st Priest ordained for the Companions of Christ the Lamb, which is scheduled June 3, 2016?

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