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I t was a little more than 70 years ago that The U.P. Catholic got its start as the Northern Michigan Edition of Our Sunday Visitor. The irst issue published on Jan. 6, 1946 under the direction of Most. Rev. Francis J. Magner, seventh bishop of the Diocese of Marquette. I owe it to my people to place in their hands an instrument that will proclaim Catholic truth and at the same time supplement the efforts of Gods ministers, Bishop Mag- ner wrote in that inaugural issue. For many of those 70 years, the diocesan newspaper was a general interest Catholic publication that published a strong mix of national and international news as well as local content. In 2009, Bishop Alexander Sample (now arch- bishop of Portland in Oregon) decided the newspaper should take a local and evangelical focus. There are many ex- cellent Catholic news outlets that are available online or in print; however, were the only ones that are going to focus on the U.P. To take this new direction we dropped our paid news service and worked hard to fet local content. Its en- couraging, even inspiring, to have so many people across the diocese submit news and photos for publication in the newspaper and online. In fact, we receive so many were not always able to get them all in. Additionally, we have a handful of freelancers that take assignments and do an excellent job writing more in-depth stories and columns for us. Thanks to all of these gen- erous folks, were able to keep our local focus. After taking the new di- rection, a few people let us know they would still like to receive some news that addresses issues beyond our diocese. Fortunately, Cath- olic News Agency part of EWTNs National Catholic Register newspaper opened a selection of their content to diocesan newspapers like ours at no charge. It has been a blessing to be able to have the occasional story about the pope, the struggle of Catholics and Christians in the Middle East and parts of Africa and other such news that we could not report on our own. The newspaper/diocesan communications staff pro- vides news to the U.P. through more than the newspaper alone. Weekly news reports are aired on several radio sta- tions across the U.P. These are also available as audio pod- casts under the Media drop down menu on the diocesan website (www.dioceseofmar- quette.org) which the commu- nications staff administers. Audio podcasts of Bishop John Doerfler's monthly col- umns are posted here as well. They are made from video recordings that are posted to the newspapers YouTube channel at www.YouTube. com/TheUPCatholic. The U.P. Catholic also uses Twitter and Facebook to spread the good news. Be sure to follow @theupcatholic (www.twitter.com/theupcath- olic) and like www.facebook. com/theupcatholic. While breaking news isnt the focus of the newspaper, we do post photos and video of events as they happen or soon after to Facebook quite often. A recent Facebook post of the Ice Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady of Snows, built out of snow at St. Albert the Great Parish in Houghton, had phe- nomenal impact. An album of photos from the Mass reached more than 150,000 people in just three days. Its worth noting that any- one can view the videos or read the posts on our social media without registering for accounts. We keep everything open to be available to as many people as possible. Editor's note: National Cath- olic Register provides a lot of daily Catholic news online for free at www.ncregister.com. A one-year, 26-issue sub- scription to the print edition is $49.95 and can be started by calling (800) 421-3230. www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH February 19, 2016 9 Dear Friends, Just in case you didn't hear this yet... We have great meals, comfortable rooms and Jesus! - Father Tim Ferguson Diocesan newspaper celebrates 70 years HERE AM I John Fee VIDEO How to find video of Bishop John Doerfler's columns, selected homilies and diocesan events: Visit www.youtube.com/theupcatholic Watch short videos of Bishop Doerfler pre- senting his columns. Selected homilies and diocesan events are also available. If you have a YouTube account and would like automatic notification when video be- comes available, visit www.youtube.com/ theupcatholic and subscribe to the channel. AUDIO How to find audio podcasts: Visit www.dioceseofmarquette.org/podcasts Podcasts available are Bishop Doerfler's col- umn along with weekly diocesan news updates. Recent updates include information regarding the Rite of Election, retreats at Marygrove and Bishop Doerfler's schedule. These are broad- cast on a few local radio stations as well. FACEBOOK How to find photos from diocesan events, notices of new YouTube videos, and more: Visit www.facebook.com/theupcatholic The U.P. Catholic posts albums of photos from diocesan events and selected parish events, as well as links to breaking local, na- tional and world news to its Facebook page. A Facebook account is not required to view the page. If you are a Facebook user and would like up- dates from The U.P. Catholic to appear in your news feed, you should visit www.facebook. com/theupcatholic and like the page. TWITTER How to find The U.P. Catholic's Twitter feed: Visit www.twitter.com/theupcatholic New audio podcasts and the availability of new issues of The U.P. Catholic newspaper are announced through The U.P. Catholics Twitter account. ONLINE NEWSPAPER How to find entire issues of The U.P. Catholic online: Visit www.upcatholic.org Entire issues of The U.P. Catholic are avail- able online on the day of publication. If you are looking for back issues, click on the calendar icon on the upper right side of the page and click on the highlighted dates. If you want to search for a name, just click on the word AR- CHIVES in the ribbon across the top. Social media 101: How to find videos, podcasts, photos and news online

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