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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC CATHOLIC PRESS MONTH February 23, 2018 5 I t was nearly 30 years ago that I start- ed working in community newspa- pers as a teenager. Unlike the "main stream" national media, community journalists know the people and communi- ties they are reporting on and the readers on a personal basis. In a similar fashion, the dioce- tbo!dpnnvojdbujpot!tub! lives and participates in our parish communities. We, along with our spous- es, are active members pg!gpvs!ejfsfou!qbsjtift! jo!uisff!ejfsfou!upxot/! That's a good thing. When there's a major story in the news I don't just look to one source. I'll check online for coverage from a variety of news sources. It's interesting to see how varied the coverage can be in reporting the same story. Looking at various news sources not only gives multiple perspectives on a story, it also sheds light on the biases of the media. We in the Catholic press also have a bias. We report from a Catholic perspective. The U.P. Catholic does its best to address issues in a way that is faithful to the Cate- chism and the Church's magisterial teach- ing. We are blessed here to have quite a few knowledgeable people in the clergy and lay ministries to help us out when there's a question concerning Church teaching. Our national and international cover- age is courtesy of Catholic News Agency. Under the EWTN umbrella, the Catholic Ofxt!Bhfodz!pfst!tpmje!sfqpsujoh!gspn! Alabama to Rome. Our local coverage is provided by a handful of freelancers and volunteers across the U.P., the parishes and schools, an editor and assistant editor (me and Jamie Gualdoni), and other mem- cfst!pg!uif!ejpdftbo!tub!xip!ifmq!vt!pvu! in numerous ways. With most people these days having a digital camera or decent smartphone camera, we encourage submissions of photos as email attachments to news@ dioceseofmarquette.org. That same email address works for stories, calendar notices and such, and forwards emails to both Ja- mie and me. We can still be reached by the U.S. mail by sending to The U.P. Catholic, c/o Diocese of Marquette, 1004 Harbor Ijmmt!Es/-!Nbsrvfuuf-!NJ!5:966/!Nz!pdf! number is (906) 227-9129 and Jamie's is (906) 227-9134. Advertising helps fund our mission and Deacon Steve Gretzinger handles all sales and builds the ads. He works out of Menominee, and can be reached by email at upc@new.rr.com or by phone at (906) 863-7460. He and his wife, Jackie, are taking us into new territory this November, literally, by leading a pilgrimage to Italy sponsored by the newspaper. See the travel section on page 6 of this issue to learn more. Somebody has to send out the bills to our advertisers as well as pay our own bills, and that's handled by Sheila Wickenheiser. She also takes care of the monthly Dioce- san Communicator newsletter that updates our parishes, missions and schools on di- ocesan matters and events. On top of that she's the notary for the marriage tribunal, which is a lot more work than the title may sound like. The tribunal receives about 50 new cases to be considered for annulments annually, and Sheila guides people through the process of this important ministry. She also provides administrative support for vocations, along with other duties. Having people with a variety of experi- ence work on the newspaper is helpful. Like checking several main stream media sources to get a better picture, it helps pro- vide balance and depth to our reporting, while always maintaining focus on faith- fully reporting the news from a Catholic perspective. February is Catholic Press Month j HERE AM I John Fee VIDEO Ipx!up!oe!Uif!V/Q/!Dbuip- lic's free YouTube channel: Visit www.youtube.com/ theupcatholic Watch short videos of Bish- pq!Epfsfs!qsftfoujoh!ijt! columns. Selected homilies and diocesan events are also available. The channel streams video on demand to comput- ers, tablets and other electron- ic devices. If you have a YouTube account and would like auto- nbujd!opujdbujpo!xifo!wjefp! becomes available, visit www. youtube.com/theupcatholic and "subscribe" to the chan- nel. AUDIO Ipx!up!oe!bvejp!qpedbtut; Visit www.dioceseofmar- quette.org/podcasts Podcasts available are Bish- pq!Epfsfst!dpmvno!bmpoh! with weekly diocesan news up- dates. Recent updates include information Spring Study Day, Legacy of Faith grants and student scholarships. These are broadcast on a few local radio stations as well. FACEBOOK Ipx!up!oe!qipupt!gspn!ej- ocesan events, notices of new YouTube videos, and more: Visit www.facebook.com/ theupcatholic The U.P. Catholic posts albums of photos from di- ocesan events and selected parish events, as well as links to breaking local, national and world news to its Facebook page. A Facebook account is not required to view the page. If you are a Facebook user and would like updates from The U.P. Catholic to appear in your news feed, you should visit www.facebook.com/ theupcatholic and "like" the page. TWITTER Ipx!up!oe!Uif!V/Q/!Dbuip- lic's Twitter feed: Visit www.twitter.com/ theupcatholic A variety of local, national and world news is available through The U.P. Catholic's Twitter account. ONLINE NEWSPAPER Ipx!up!oe!foujsf!jttvft!pg! The U.P. Catholic online: Visit www.upcatholic.org Entire issues of The U.P. Catholic are available online on the day of publication. If you are looking for back issues, click on the calendar icon on the upper right side of the page and click on the highlighted dates. If you want to search for a name, just click on the word "ARCHIVES" in the ribbon across the top. How to find videos, podcasts, photos, news online The Diocese of Marquette is seek- ing nominations for the Legacy of Faith Catholic Service Award. The award was developed to create awareness of those who show exem- plary leadership and commitment to carrying out the mission of the Cath- olic Church in word and action. Nominees must have significant demonstrated leadership and service to the Catholic Church, their com- munity, and beyond. The award may be given to a man or a woman, for example, a priest, deacon, woman religious or lay person. Last year's nominees will auto- matically be considered for the 2017 award. It is not necessary to com- plete a new nomination form, but additional information can be sub- mitted. Award recipients will be honored at their parish in 2017 and at the Bishop's Ambassadors Dinner in Oc- tober. Recipients receive an engraved medallion (photo to right) from the bishop as a token of gratitude. In addition, their parish will receive a $250 grant for faith formation. The U.P. Catholic Newspaper will high- light the recipients. In 2017, the recipients were Judy Boyle of St. Michael Parish in Mar- quette and Father Joseph Gouin of American Martyrs in Kingsford. For additional information on the award and a nomination form, visit www.LegacyOfFaith.net or contact diocesan executive director of stewardship and development, Terri Gadzinski at (906) 227-9108 or e-mail: tgadzinski@dioceseofmar- quette.org. The nomination deadline is May 1, 2018. Catholic Service Award nominations due May 1

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