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LOVING FATHER, MASTER OF THE HARVEST; PLEASE SEND MORE LABORERS TO WORK IN YOUR VINEYARD. AMEN. www.dioceseofmarquette.org/vocations DID YOU KNOW BRANDON'S... - favorite Saint is John Paul II, because of how he dealt with modern problems through the tradition of the Church and inspired so many young people to fall in love with Christ? - favorite form of prayer is Eucharistic Adoration? BY ROCIO ROS (PORTLAND) CATHOLIC SENTINEL Father Ral Marquez had never seen anything like it. Eight men walked to the front door of St. Peter Church in Southeast Portland, Ore. Jan. 29 and began bellowing during the Spanish Mass. Dressed like hunters, they accused worshipers of not being true Christians, questioned the sexual morals of the women and harangued the congregation for being made up of immigrants. The harmony that naturally comes from Mass was shattered. The community, already living in fear because of federal immigration policy proposals, was shocked. All that Sunday I felt upset and didnt under- stand, said Father Marquez, a Colombian native who has been pastor of St. Peter for five years. How was I going to be happy while I heard and remem- bered the verbal insult? I was looking for an an- swer. The Gospel reading of the day said, in part, Bless- ed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you. The following Sunday, Feb. 5, an answer to the priests question came and the fear was soothed as more than 300 people formed a human shield in front of St. Peter Church during Masses. News of the previous weeks attack had gone out on social media, drawing the crowd that stood in silence, holding signs. I didnt expect this outpouring of love for us, said Alberto Gonzlez, an Oaxaca, Mexico, native who has been a member of the parish for 18 months. This time is very difficult for us, and here we are surrounded by love of all of the American people, who came to show they are here, we are one, we are one community. With tears in his eyes, Gonzlez said he has not felt supported until now. At first, he thought the large group of white people had come to hurl more invec- tive, but then he saw they had come to protect their brothers and sisters. This is solidarity, Gonzlez said. This is love. Parishioners got a lesson in nonviolent response to harassment. A table of coffee and sweets was put near the front door of the church for protectors who came despite chilly rain. Joining Father Marquez in a sign of support were Father Ron Millican from nearby Our Lady of Sorrows Church and Rev. Elizabeth Larson from St. Mark Lutheran Church. I wanted to come here and hug each person, Rev. Larson said. Father Millican invited his parishioners to come and show support. We need to be together, he said. It is very sad that it takes something like this to make us come together. But it is beautiful the outpouring of support for the dignity of everyone. Nona Carrasco was one of those outside who got completely wet. This is my community, Carrasco said. I dont stand for bigotry. I will stand for my community and this is what we do. Also in the crowd was Matt Cato, director of the Archdiocese of Portland's Office of Life, Justice and Peace. Father Mrquez received hundreds of messages of support, the very first a letter from Archbishop Alexander Sample, who told the people he stands with them. After Mass, Father Marquez walked out to thank supporters. He could barely move as people hugged him and asked for his blessing. This is the time to live the Gospel radically by praying for those men and their few sympathizers and to intentionally forgive them, the priest said. Human shield protects Portland parishioners ROCIO ROS PHOTO PORTLAND CATHOLIC SENTINEL Catholics, Protestants and non-believers came out in the cold rain Feb. 5 to support members of St. Peter Parish after a verbal assault the previous Sunday LETTER FROM ARCHBISHOP ALEXANDER SAMPLE TO THE PEOPLE OF ST. PETER PARISH: I was saddened beyond words to learn of the terrible experience that many of you encountered as you came to church last weekend. It is so tragic that you were coming to celebrate Gods love and mercy and yet you experienced cruelty and hatred at the hands of severely misguided protestors. I am especially upset to learn of the verbal abuse heaped upon members of our Hispanic community. Please be assured that I, as your Archbishop and shepherd, stand firmly with you in the face of such ignorant and hateful words. You are our brothers and sisters, and as members of the same family of faith, we must hold fast to our unity in Christ. I was also very disturbed to learn of the verbal abuse directed against women in your communi- ty. There is no justification for such vile behavior. Please know that your community at St. Pe- ter was not singled out and targeted alone. This group has been moving around and protesting at others churches as well. Be assured of my love and prayers for all of you. May Our Lady embrace you all in her mantle of love and protection.

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