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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC March 4, 2016 3 T he movie Spotlight opened in Mar- quette recently , and I am glad that I had the opportunity to see it. This well-done movie tells the story of the Boston Globes investigation of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy in the Archdiocese of Boston. It is not a comfortable film to watch, but that is why it is a good ilm to watch. Well-portrayed are the devastating of effects of the sexual abuse of minors. The damage is even more dev- astating when it is done by a priest, because it can also destroy a persons faith. The sexual abuse of minors is a great scourge in our so- ciety, and the movie is a call for us all to be more aware of and sensitive to this painful tragedy. It is not enough, however, to be more aware of the issue. As Spotlight illuminates well, many people knew about the problem but did not effectively address it. We must not remain complacent and simply allow evils like this to happen again. The Diocese of Marquette has removed from public priestly ministry all clergy who are fuilty of the sexual abuse of minors, and the diocese reports all allegations of sexual abuse of a minor to the appropriate civil authorities. Across the United States, dioceses are active- ly involved in training and conducting back- fround checks to keep our children and young people safe. In the Diocese of Marquette, we have an independently-audited process for all volunteers and paid Church personnel (clergy, religious and lay). During the last audit year, the diocese trained 2,904 adults and 2,666 children. Background checks were conducted on 3,443 adults, including clergy and religious. Background checks are conducted prior to of- fers of employment or the beginning of volun- teering and are repeated every three years. We cannot forget those who are deeply wounded by clergy sexual abuse. If you have been sexually abused by a priest or deacon, I ask your forgiveness on behalf of the Church. My heart goes out to you, and I am willing to meet personally with any abuse survivors in the Diocese of Marquette. I wish to reach out to you and extend the healing love of Jesus Christ. If you would like to meet with me or report abuse, please call one of the diocesan victims assistance coordinators Stephen Lynott at (844) 495-4330 or Diane Tryan at (844) 694-4362. Finally, Spotlight has a broader lesson for all of us, especially during this time of Lent, a time for an examination of conscience. Just as people knew about the evil of clergy sexual abuse of minors but did not effectively address it, are we aware of any other evils that we have chosen to ignore? Are there sins in our own life that we are simply sweeping under the rug instead of seeking the Lords mercy and a change in our life? If the answer is yes, seek the Lords mercy, make a good confession, and take steps to change. (USPS 916-360 ISSN 10634525) THE U.P. 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