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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC COMMENTARY March 18, 2016 11 Your First Communion & Confirmation Headquarters 1304 Ludington Street 317 N. Lincoln Road Escanaba (906) 786-1524 Westwood Mall Marquette (906) 228-5588 Rosaries + Bibles Prayer Books Statues + Bracelets Sports Medals/Chains 1st Communion Sets Since 1906 W hen it was announced that Catholic radio was coming to Marquette I thought it was a nice idea, but it didnt seem like something that would affect me very much. With a six-minute commute to the office, and less than 10 minutes to the farthest stores we regularly shop, I honestly didnt think I'd listen to it very often. Now I find myself sitting longer in parking lots than my drive time so I can listen to more of the programs being broadcast on WNOA (103.9 FM), the Catholic radio station in town. You can listen to the programming of Ave Maria Radio the stations network online at www.ave- mariaradio.net; however, theres nothing like listening to the radio on the radio. And, you never know what youll learn. Heres an example. In grade school we were taught that Jesus would have given his life for each of us, even if we were the only one who ever sinned. That always seemed like a deep and hypothetical con- cept to me, not something that hit home. I may be a sinner, but Im far from alone. A couple weeks ago I was listening to Al Krestas program and his guest said something that really struck me. It's defi- nitely something to reflect on during Lent. He mentioned John 15:13, the very familiar verse with Jesus saying, No one has great- er love than this, to lay down ones life for ones friends. Then he talked about how Jesus not only laid down his life for his friends, but for everyone. Yep, heard that one a thousand times. However, what the radio guest said next has really stuck with me. He said that Jesus loves us so much that he not only laid down his life for us, but he created us knowing we would kill him. Wait a minute. This isnt hypothetical. This is real. Psalm 139: 13-16 reads: You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mothers womb. I praise you, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works! My very self you know. My bones are not hidden from you, When I was be- ing made in secret, fashioned in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw me unformed; in your book all are written down; my days were shaped, before one came to be. Im not just some cosmic accident or the product of Gods production line. I was created by God who has a plan specifi- cally for me. But Im not a mindless puppet, Ive been given a free will to choose to love or to turn my back on God and my fellow man. Its a pretty heavy reality to know that God loves me so much he was willing to create me knowing he would bear the cost on Good Friday so that I could be with him on Eas- ter and throughout eternity. Catholic radio and a Lenten reflection HERE AM I John Fee Got News? Send it to: news@dioceseofmarquette.org Understanding the Mass: Greatest prayer of the Church BY DEACON TOM FOYE DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE The department of divine worship for the Diocese of Marquette has compiled these brief catechetical reflections on aspects of the Holy Mass. This is the third part of the nine part series. The reflections are also avail- able for parish bulletins, visit www.dioceseofmar- quette.org/divinewor- ship/understandingmass All the sacraments are visible signs that partici- pate in invisible realities. They are all personal encounters with the risen, living Jesus Christ. All the sacraments have this in common, but why does the Church refer to the sacrament of the Eucharist, also known as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as the greatest prayer of the Church? It is the prayer of and by Jesus, through Him, with Him and in Him. At the Last Supper, Jesus told the apostles to do this in memory of me. But he was not only talking of that meal but of the sacrifice to follow. The Mass is both a sacrifice and a meal. It is important to understand that the Mass is a prayer given to us by Jesus. He is also acting as the principal agent. The Mass is an action of the living, risen Christ. As such, it is not ours to change, but was given to us by Christ. The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy says that nothing may be added or removed from the Mass, not even by a priest. Through the Mass we join our sacrifices, bread, wine, joys and sufferings, to those of Christ's and these are offered by Him to God the Father for the Father's glorification and, in the process, we are made holy, or sanctified. We are also strengthened spiritually by being fed on the word and body of Christ and then sent out on mission to make our society a little more like heaven in preparation for His second coming when we will be at home. Until then, we are a pilgrim people on a journey toward the banquet of the lamb. The Mass does all these things through Him, with Him and in Him and that is why it is the greatest prayer of the Church.

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