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12 March 31, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC ALTARED www.upcatholic.org BY JAMIE GUALDONI THE U.P. CATHOLIC "Here's the thing, pornog- raphy gives us the opposite of what it promises. Instead of intimacy, we fall deep into isolation. Instead of excite- ment, we become bored. Instead of freedom, we be- come enslaved," stated Matt Fradd, well known Catholic chastity speaker. Fradd spoke earlier this month with high school students from across the Diocese of Marquette in Escanaba. During the talk, Fradd outlined seven common myths about pornography and illustrated why there's good reason to think they are false. THE PROBLEM WITH PORN IS LIKE SEX OR NUDITY "The First Commandment in the Bible from God to humanity is 'be fruitful and multiply.' And, by that he didn't mean grow oranges and invite calculators." According to Fradd, much of the culture believes that pornography and sex are the same and that both are purely for pleasure. "Sexual desire is good. It is meant to propel us to make us a gift of ourselves, accord- ing to the demands of love." Though sexual desire is good, Fradd reminded the youth that each person is called to live a chaste life. "Chastity is that virtue that enables us to love in accord with our dignity and it frees us." PORN IS ADULT ENTERTAINMENT When Fradd was younger, he recalls sitting in a strip club, and thinking, "What would happen if I saw my dad in here? What would I do?" "Here's what I wouldn't do, 'Hey guys, look, there's my dad! He's the best!'" Matt Fradd to youth: Seven myths about pornography CONTINUED ON PAGE 13 MattFradd speaks to high school students from throughout the diocese.

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