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Sister Margey Schmelzle, OSF Hometown: Manitowoc, Wis. Current ministry: Pastoral coordinator of St. Augustine, Republic and Sacred Heart, Champion; ministering to the people of Republic, Champion, and Mich- igamme. The pasty segment on the Travel Channel was a ministry high- light. But, the real ministry happens day after day and that truly is a blessing. Sister Colleen Sweeting,OSF Hometown: Manitowac, Wis. Current ministry: Pastoral co- ordinator at St. Christo- pher Parish, Marquette, including visiting and praying with parishioners who are home- bound. INSTITUTE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY IBVM Loreto Sisters are women drawn to compan- ionship in the service in the Gospel. Modeling their lives after their founder, Mary Ward and the Ignatian spir- itual tradition, they strive to support growth through spir- itual ministries, education, and other works that meet the needs of the times. Sister Ellen Enright Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y. Current ministry: Pastoral associate, St. Albert the Great University Parish in Houghton and St. Anne Parish in Chassell since 2004. SISTERS AND SERVANTS OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY Urged by the love of God, the Sisters and Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary choose to work with others to build a culture of peace and right relationship, promoting the liberation and wellbeing of all persons. Sister Annemarie Askwith, IHM Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Current ministry: Mediator and volun- teer man- ager at the three county Communi- ty Dispute Resolution Center in Sault Ste. Marie. SISTERS OF ST. PAUL DE CHARTRES As described in their direc- tion statement, Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres are joyful, creative women, passionately on fire with God's Love. Ani- mated by hope, characterized by tranquil daring, we see God in each other, the larger com- munity and creation. Sister Juliana Djo, SPC Home country: South Korea Current ministry: Pastoral ministry out of St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. Celebrates her 50th jubilee as a religious sister this year. Sister Marivic Estrella, SPC Home country: Polomolok, South Cota- bato, Philip- pines Current Ministry: Staff volun- teer at the St. Francis Connection Center, KI Sawyer, an outreach pro- gram of St. Anthony Parish in Gwinn. I can always see and find Christ in the people I am serving with whatever status in life they are in. Sister Estela Garcia, SPC Home country: Philippines Current ministry: District superior, Marquette. As district superior, Sister Garcia is to assure the spiritual animation of the commu- nities of the district, to provide for the formation of the new members, organize the annual retreats, foster the apostolic vigor and visit the houses where the Sisters are ministering. Sister Rosalie Hughes, SPC Hometown: Escanaba, Mich. Current ministry: In charge of mission ad- vancement department at Bishop Noa Home. It is an honor, priv- ilege and gift from God to personally and communally carry the mission and love of Christ as a Sister of St. Paul to those I meet, minister to and pray for daily. Sister Dorthea Jang, SPC Home country: South Korea Current ministry: Pastoral care at Di- vine Infant Assistant Living Center and volunteer at Gogebic Medical Care Facility. Residents will ask me, Af- ter you leave, who will take care of us?' I answer, 'Our Lord, Jesus will take care of you!' Sister Marie Kim Phuong Nguyen Home country: Vietnam Current ministry: Currently residing in Marquette, after a leave of absence to care of her parents. Sister Gloria Schultz, SPC Hometown: Bessemer, Mich. Current ministry: Serves on the District Council and assists the district superior in any way that is need- ed as well as help in the decision making for the District. In charge of forming of the postu- lant and preparing her to entry into novitiate. Sister Schultz is also the Coordina- tor for the Women Religious of the Diocese of Marquette which involves communicat- ing with the Sisters. Sister Norma Vincentillo, SPC Hometown: Palompon, Leyte; Philippines Current ministry: Pas- toral work at Divine Infant Liv- ing Center and pasto- ral visits to Gogebic Care Facili- ty, including visiting and giving Communion to the homebound and visiting with residents. www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC WOMEN RELIGIOUS March 31, 2017 15 H c V C m C r M a o H c S C m P m o C M C m M a t a t C t R i t e a t m t I f t a I i a r t C t v c P S b p C M S t C m I m v d a N h m P a S t U P H a s M A s S i t a t n FROM PAGE 14 C m P c v A L C v a C m t o C a i s t C m P o S p M i v p WIN - WIN - WIN The special sections in The U.P. Catholic Newspaper help connect our readers with + Great articles, + Sound doctrine, + Advertisers who care. If you're a business owner with a tight budget who cares about making a positive difference in your bottom line and the lives of others contact Deacon Steve 1-866-452-5112 upc@new.rr.com

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