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6 March 31, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC COMMENTARY www.upcatholic.org Thill's Specialties Fresh from the Smokehouse Whitefish, Trout, Salmon & Herring Smoked Whitefish Sausage Smoked Fish Spread Herring & Trout 226-9851 On the Fish Dock in Marquette's Lower Harbor. Hours: M-F 8:00-5:30, Sat. 9-4 Visa & MasterCard Stop in for our Lenten Specials SMOKED & FRESH FISH Great Lakes Whitefish & Trout, Atlantic Salmon Perch---Walleye---Cod Shrimp - Jumbo Scallops Lobster Tail - Fresh Oysters Jumbo - King Crab Seafood Specials Thill's Fish House A story is told of a little boy sitting on the curb in front of a church on Sun- day morning. He was crying. Jesus came by and sat down next to him. Whats wrong? Jesus asked. I want to go in but they wont let me, the lad replied. Jesus responded, I understand. They wont let me in, either. Jesus is a beautiful name. We have to wonder why the Church and so many clergy, theologians, spiritual writers and preparers of devotional material so studiously avoid the Name of Jesus. After all, Christ (the Anointed One) is a title and in that sense an abstraction. Jesus is the Son of God brought up close and per- sonal to us. Our name is our most personal possession. Our name is ourself. We each value our name. Consid- er what the Nazis did when they imprisoned someone. They took away the name, gave the person a number. This is what happens when a person is incarcerated he/she becomes a number. White persons dehu- manized black men of all ages by calling them Boy. Sometimes a name may degrade a person and at other times set a person apart either way di- minishes personhood, makes the person an abstraction. Why do we do that to Jesus? His name was given to him while he was in the womb. It is the name by which Mary and Joseph called him and spoke about him, it is the name his play- mates used and his neighbors knew him by. The townspeople and his disciples called him Jesus. It wasnt until deep into his ministry that he is called The Christ. A few nights ago I was sleepless and turned on the TV. The film, The Robe was being shown. I wasnt really watching it until I heard one Roman saying, I am looking for the man named Jesus thats all I needed. I turned the TV off and went back to bed with the name of Jesus on my heart. Perhaps the best driving words in my life right now are those of Pope Benedict XVI: Intimacy with Jesus is that on which every- thing depends. Our peace of mind and heart are found in these words when Jesus is our dearest and best friend we may be alone but cannot be lonely. With Jesus we find courage, mercy, joy, an arm and words with which to reach out to others. The other day I was read- ing an article about a bishop concerned about the shortage of priests and in the article he referred over and over to Christ and never once used the name of Jesus. Does he expect those being called to give their lives to an abstrac- tion! I haven't seen the film Silence yet but did read an interview with Andrew Garfield who plays the lead Jesuit. To prepare for his role he asked for preparation and guidance in Jesuit spirituality. He was led to a 30 day retreat and afterward he said, There was so many things in the Exercises that changed me and trans- formed me, that showed me who I was . . . and where I believe God wants me to be. . . What was really easy was falling in love with this person, was falling in love with Jesus Christ. That was the most surprising thing. God! That was the most re- markable thing fall- ing in love, and how easy it was to fall in love with Jesus. It is not necessary to make a 30 day retreat to fall in love with Jesus. All we need is to set aside some space and time, however small, to be with Jesus. Words are not necessary. After all, it is when we shut our mouths that we can start to listen and to hear, others as well as Jesus. You may find it helpful to find a copy of the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus and ponder a title or two each day. Perhaps a hymn from your parish song book may help, such as All Hail the Power of Jesus Name, or even better just quietly repeating in your heart, Jesus, Jesus, the way a person in love echoes the name of the beloved. When a liturgical prayer ends with many words it is all right to say in our hearts, We ask this in the name of Jesus, as he himself told us to ask. Evangelicals have no problem praying in the name of Jesus. Finally, an image that I like is that of a jelly doughnut. If the jelly or filling is left out the doughnut is tasteless, dry, unappetizing. Is the omission of Jesus, in name and person, a reason why some Catholics leave the Church? Perhaps we each need to rediscover Jesus, his name and his presence. The beautiful name of Jesus y REFLECTIONS FROM NORTHSTAR Regis Walling JOHN FEE THE U.P. CATHOLIC This image, St. Joseph and the Child Jesus, is among the many beautiful works of art on display at Marygrove Retreat Center in Garden.

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