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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC DEACON APPRECIATION April 1, 2016 15 DEACON TOM MOSELEY - Fr. Chris, Staff and Parishioners of Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Therese Mission Thank you for your dedicated service, your love for the Lord and your witness of faith. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATED SERVICE TO THE PARISH FAMILY OF ST. LOUIS THE KING + + + DEACON SCOTT JAMIESON DEACON WARREN VONCK DEACON GREGG ST. JOHN DEACON DAVID ADLER DCN. WENDELL SANDERS - From Fr. Darryl Pepin & Parishioners of ST. JOSEPH MISSION IN FOSTER CITY Deacon Sandy, We thank you for the terrific Christian example you show in your ministry! DEACON WILLIAM PICHE ST. JOSEPH PARISH SAULT STE. MARIE Deacon Bill, I am so grateful for your wisdom, service and friendship. Love, Father Mike and the parishioners of A look at the role of deacons in the Catholic Church BY DEACON JACK LEADBETTER THE DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE The institution of the order of deacons by the Apostles arose from an early necessity of service in the Church that was too demanding for the Apostles to manage alone. Many factors contributed to a chain of events that, by 800 A.D., resulted in the diaconate being reduced to a transitional step toward the priesthood in the Latin Church. The permanent diaconate was formally restored by Pope Paul VI in 1968, and it has grown steadily since. John Paul II noted that the deacons tasks include that of promoting and sustaining the apostolic activities of the laity. To the extent he is more present and more involved than the priest in secular environments and structures, he should feel encouraged to foster closeness between the ordained ministry and lay activi- ties, in common service to the kingdom of God. A permanent deacon is a member of the clergy, ordained to holy orders, who makes a life-long commitment to serve the Church. This service is coordinated and subservient to his family and job responsibilities. His office is called permanent to distinguish it from transitional deacons, who are seminarians ordained to the diaconate as a final step in their pastoral preparation for the priesthood. It is important to remember that a permanent deacon is not a substitute priest or a mini- priest. The permanent diaconate stands on its own, and serves by collaborating with the bishop in his ministry, together with priests of the diocese. The ministry of permanent deacons in the Church may be described as threefold; the ministry of the word, of the liturgy, and of charity. Their functions may include public baptisms, officiating at marriages, funerals, communion services, prayer services, preach- ing and the imparting of liturgical blessings, but are not limited to these. From its renewal in 1968, the diaconate was seen as a way to extend the service of the Church and provide a sacramental sign of Jesus as servant in the marketplace. It is essential to understand the diaconate is first and foremost completely about ser- vice-diakonia. That is why there are special ministries that are particularly suited to the deacon as servant. These include ministry and service to the poor, to the imprisoned, to the sick and to those who are abandoned and lonely, the modern day widows and orphans. (cf. Acts 6) A man who presumes to hear a call from God to the diaconate must answer first to God's call to holiness. The married deacon must always remember that through his sacramental par- ticipation in both vocational sacraments, first in matrimony and again in holy orders, he is challenged to be faithful to both. With integrity he must live out both sacraments in harmony and balance. (NDPD) The pastor and all priests in the parish or mission must recognize the deacons as a col- laborator in ministry and as one who shares with them in the sacrament of holy orders. Preaching on the part of the permanent deacon, taken in the broadest sense, encom- passes many things. A permanent deacon preaches first of all by the witness of his life 24 hours a day, especially in his mar- riage and family life. He also has the op- portunity to preach in the market place though his teaching and witness to those he encounters in the daily regimen of his life and work. Finally he exercises his role as teacher in the various catechetical roles that he fulfills within the Church. St. Michael, come with legions of holy angels to occupy and surround our homes, our property and what- ever place we may be. Surround us with your heavenly protection and drive far from us Satan and every evil spirit, interference, or influence. Free us from every curse and bondage along with their effects, we humbly pray. May St. Gabriel give us the strength of God and St. Raphael heal our woundedness. All you angels of God, under your heavenly Queen help us, defend us, and rescue us from the snares of satan. Amen Holy Angels, come to our aid.

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