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Krakow, Poland (CNA/ EWTN News) - Krakows role in the Divine Mercy devotion could mean great things for World Youth Day this year, said the citys archbishop, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. Krakow is the center of the devotion to the merciful Jesus, and the same Jesus said that from here a fire will go out to prepare the whole world for the meeting with Jesus, the cardinal told CNA. I think its important to take up this fire and give it to the whole world, said the car- dinal, who served as St. John Paul IIs personal secretary for decades. World Youth Day will take place in Krakow July 26-31. The event draws hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world. Cardinal Dziwisz reflected on the devotion to the Divine Mercy that blossomed in Kra- kow. The devotion followed St. Faustina Kowalskas private revelation of Jesus Christ, who asked the Polish nun to deliv- er to the world the teaching of his Divine Mercy. The focus of the Year of Mercy combines very well with the World Youth Day theme, Blessed are the merci- ful, he said. The cardinal stressed the particular importance of World Youth Days Krakow venue. St. Faustina wrote that the world will not achieve peace if people will not rely on the merciful Jesus, he said. The fact that the whole world is in Krakow, during the Year of Mercy, is very important. Especially nowa- days, when peace is in danger. We must fight for peace, and so this meeting will have this aim: to live peace here, and to bear peace to the world. Currently 586,000 young people have registered for the World Youth Day, organizers report. People are coming from 177 countries. This in- cludes the Vatican City State, which has submitted only one application: that of Pope Francis, the first registered pilgrim for World Youth Day. The cardinal said that the Church must harvest the fruits of World Youth Day. After these gatherings, the youth are more committed to the life of the Church, even more joyful, with more hope for the future. World Youth Day made blossom vocations to the priesthood, to the consecrated life, as well as so many friendships that some- times turn into marriages, he said. Cardinal Dziwisz added that he expects the World Youth Day will be lived in an atmosphere of friendship. In Europe there are still many curtains, many barriersbut always, young people change when they meet the pope. 16 April 1, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS www.upcatholic.org COOPER OFFICE EQUIPMENT Full Copier Line From Tabletop To Networkable Digital Laser Systems (906) 228-6929 Phone 800-432-7682 Fax 800-908-8542 Purchase & Lease Options Authorized KONICA Printers-Copiers Dealer Divine Mercy meets World Youth Day this summer in Poland

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