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8 April 14, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC FATIMA CENTENNIAL www.upcatholic.org Some events are once in a lifetime, the diocesan Fatima Cel- ebration on May 13 is a once ever event. The family-friendly celebration begins at 9 a.m. (Eastern) at St. Peter Cathedral; however, organizers encourage people to come when they can if unable to travel to Marquette that early. Registrations are encouraged as early as possible because the Knights of Columbus is providing a free lunch for all who sign up for it. The day will conclude with the 4 p.m. Vigil Mass celebrated by Bishop John Doerfler. An optional supper will follow with a cost of $10 per adult and $5 per child younger than 12. Registrations for the supper should be made when registering for the free lunch. Among the activities planned are a Eucharistic procession and presentations by John Preiss, president of the Fatima Family Apostolate International (www.fatimafamily.org). Childrens activities will include bounce houses. The monthly apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima took place in 1917 between May 13 and Oct. 13. Our Lady ap- peared to three Portuguese children, Jacinta and Francis- co Marto, and Lucia dos Santos, near Fatima at Cova da Iria. During these apparitions, Mary asked the children to pray the rosary for world peace, for the end of World War I, for sinners and for the conversion of Russia. Participants are asked to register soon online at www.dioceseofmarquette.org/fatima or by calling (800) 562-9745 ext. 139. Growing to serve you in 5 locations! MANISTIQUE, MI 735 E. Lakeshore Dr. Food for Le$$ 200 Deer Street MARINETTE, WI 1507 Cleveland Ave. 2301 Roosevelt Rd. MENOMINEE, MI M & M Plaza Advertise your business Contact Deacon Steve upc@new.rr.com 1-866-452-5112 TWILIGHT A special issue that deals with end-of-life issues ISSUE DATE MAY 22, 2016 (Ad cut-off = May 9th) Aimed at readers who are exploring the subject of end-of-life issues Timely, service-oriented content to be read and reread for practical tips. Celebrating our 50th Year!" COOPER OFFICE EQUIPMENT Full Copier Line From Tabletop To Networkable Digital Laser Systems (906) 228-6929 Phone 800-432-7682 Fax 800-908-8542 Purchase & Lease Options Authorized KONICA Printers-Copiers Dealer BY LARRY CHABOT THE U.P. CATHOLIC There are few places where Yoopers havent set foot: weve been to both Poles, the sev- en continents and seven seas. Weve been to major shrines like Fatima, where apparitions of the Blessed Mother that happened 100 years ago have special meaning for one U.P. native, Father Peter Chabot, who came as close as you can to meeting one of the Fatima visionaries. The Miracle of the Sun, as it is now known, startled the world in 1917 near Fatima, Portu- gal. Three children Lcia dos Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto reported monthly visits with a mysterious lady in the sky. Lucia wanted to know who she was, and would she perform a miracle so others could see her, too. The lady promised a miracle on Oct. 13, which drew a crowd of up to 100,000 people. Witnesses swore that, in a 10-minute period, the sun spun toward earth, casting colored lights everywhere, before returning to its spot in the heavens. Clothing soaked by a downpour was suddenly dry, as were the muddy grounds churned up by the throng. Among the witness- es was Lucias sister, Maria dos Santos, 26 at the time, who brought candles for Our Lady, she said. A U.P. connection: Father Chabot, a Mary- knoll missionary from Ontonagon, was at his Bolivia mission in the early 1980s when Bishop Andrew Schierhoff - a Missouri priest who had been ordained a bishop in Bolivia stopped by to invite Father Chabot to accompany him on his ad limina visit to Rome. He couldnt pass up the opportunity. When we were in Rome, he said, a delay in the bishop's return enabled me to visit Fatima. I lew from Rome to Madrid, then to Lisbon, and rode a bus 80 miles to Fatima in northern Por- tugal. I arrived in November, after the crowds had gone, which numbered up to a half million during the anniversaries of the apparitions. There is a statue of Our Lady, up in the gently rolling hills, where nothing has changed. There they still tend sheep, amidst the olive trees and rocky pastures on the site of the appa- ritions. I knelt there and prayed a decade of the Rosary, the most distraction-free prayer I ever remember praying. Visiting a little tourist kiosk afterwards, I found out that the proprietor was the niece of Maria, a sister of Lucia, the main visionary, and who likewise was present at those events, espe- cially during the miracle of the sun. I asked her if Maria was still living (she would have been in her 90s), and was told that yes, she was. Would it be possible to speak with her? I asked. (Father Chabot spoke Spanish and Maria spoke Portuguese.) If you stay on the same theme, Spanish is fairly close to Portuguese, and you can understand some of what is said. The niece said, Well, sometimes she comes to visit, and my house is just over there. Lets go see. We went over to her house, and there was Maria! After introductions, I was alone with her in the kitchen, and know- ing this was going to be a short visit, I mentioned the famous Miracle of the Sun, and she nodded slowly. Then I asked her, Maria, you were there. What was it like? I'll never forget the response. She looked up, and was back in the Fatima of 1917. The words came tumbling out in her description as she relived this momentous, life-changing experience that dominated even the secular, anti-religious newspapers of that time. For a few moments, I was back there with her. I was overwhelmed by the experience. Maria died in 1986 at the age of 95, and her sister Lucia passed away nearly 20 years later at 98. As Our Lady had predicted, Lucia's cousins died young: Jacinta at 9 and Francisco at 10. Jacinta and Francisco were beautified on May 13, 2000. A second miracle attributed to their intercession has been approved by the Vatican and they could be canonized this year. Father Chabot now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he ministers at Holy Spirit Center, the former home base of retired Marquette bishop James Garland. One of the nuns there, Sister Mary Evelyn, had the opportunity of inter- viewing Lucia herself. A Yooper visits Fatima JOHN FEE THE U.P. CATHOLIC The diocesan traveling Our Lady of Fatima statue. May 13 diocesan Fatima Centennial celebration registrations needed now

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