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10 April 22, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC ALTARED www.upcatholic.org who worked on completing the chapel for the Feb. 5 Ice Mass. The chapel included an altar, coves for statues and candles, and a holy water font, all of which were sculpt- ed out of ice and snow. We were able to watch as snow walls turned into a church. On the last day as we were adding the details it was clear that we were making something much different than a standard snow statue, Matzger said. The day of the Mass, the temperature was well below freezing and the wind chill was another story. Howev- er, the Mass still managed to attract more than 140 stu- dents, alumni and communi- ty members that gathered in the 33 by 18 foot chapel. The amount of people in atten- dance was a shocking number to Father Hasse. I figured our real committed students and year round pa- rishioners would attend. But, the week of, students started to tell me their parents were coming into town to attend the Mass, said Father Hasse. I was starting to get nervous of how many people were going to show up! Father Hasse added that though the number of people exceeded what the chapel could hold, there was still a strong reverence by all of those in attendance. The inside of the chapel was simple, but beautiful. I really liked how the candles lit up the church, it gave it a sub- tle glow in the twilight, said Rachelle Wiegand, an MTU and campus ministry student. Trevor St. John, also a student added, There's a certain indescribable sense of fulfillment to build a church from the ground up with your own hands. The liturgy takes on a whole new level of depth when you have to work this hard to make it happen. The con- struction of the chapel wasn't the only project the students took on during Winter Carnival. In fact, the students built a Marian Grotto that was constructed in one night for the campus wide snow sculpture contest, taking first place. According to Fa- ther Hasse, the chapel was a bonus item to the Grotto. Are there plans for an ice chapel next year? Yes. Bigger and better, according to Matzger. The goal is to have taller walls and a longer church so that we can fit more people and block more wind. There have also been dis- cussions of adding stained ice windows, a bell tower and ice bells. Only time and weather will tell. ICE CHAPEL: Outdoor Ice Mass celebrated at MTU THERE'S A CERTAIN INDESCRIBABLE SENSE OF FULFILLMENT TO BUILD A CHURCH FROM THE GROUND UP WITH YOUR OWN HANDS." Trevor St. John MTU Student An inside view of the Ice Chapel. FROM PAGE 9 Father Ben Hasse celebrates the Ice Mass, Deacon Thomas Corrigan assists.

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