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14 April 22, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC ALTARED www.upcatholic.org CAMP INDEPENDENCE: SUMMER CAMP COUNSELORS AND LIFEGUARDS: MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE'S LIFE! Counselors and Lifeguards needed for Camp Independence, a one-week recreational summer camp for adults with physical disabilities. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, enthusiastic, responsible, and enjoy working with adults. Dates of camp are August 19-27, 2016. Salary, room and board, and a very personally rewarding experience! For information contact : Bay Cliff Health Camp at (906) 345-9314 or baycliff@baycliff.org, or visit us at www.baycliff.org or www.facebook.com/baycliff SUMMER CAMP EMPLOYMENT: COUNSELORS and ACTIVITY INSTRUCTORS are needed for summer camp for children with disabilities. Located on the shores of Lake Superior in Big Bay, MI. Must be enthusiastic, responsible, and love children. Camp dates are June 12 through August 7. Earlier start dates and later end dates are possible. Salary, room and board, and a wonderfully rewarding experience provided. For information contact: Bay Cliff Health Camp at (906) 345-9314 or baycliff@baycliff.org, or visit us at www.baycliff.org or www.facebook.com/baycliff CHRISTIAN FLAGSTADT I would like to focus more on praying for the living and the dead which would assist in counseling the doubtful and to admonish the sinners. We have so many simple opportunities to share the Lord's never-ending mercy. It's my goal to pray more for those who are in desperate need of God's mercy! MATTHEW CHARTIER I am working a lot on praying for those that have hurt me and those I have hurt, which is the Spiritual Work of forgiving wrongs. When we forgive wrongs, we not only have to forgive others of the wrongs they have done to us, but we also have to forgive ourselves and let God forgive us for the wrongs we have done. Seminarians Say... During this Holy Year of Mercy, how are you living out the year through the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy? A few of our diocesan seminarians were asked: THOMAS MERKEL I am working on bearing wrongs patiently. I want to do this especially in little things that involve other people, such as waiting in the lunch line or behind a lot of cars in traffic. These can be frustrating moments, but are also opportunities for grace. BENJAMIN RIVARD I'm currently living out the Corporal Works of Mercy by visiting the sick. I take Communion to a nursing home weekly. I also pray with them and we talk about pretty much anything. It really makes my day when I'm able to comfort someone who might be a bit lonely. The works of mercy CORPORAL WORKS OF MERCY Feed the hungry Give drink to the thirsty Clothe the naked Shelter the homeless Visit the sick Visit the imprisoned Bury the dead SPIRITUAL WORKS OF MERCY Counsel the doubtful Instruct the ignorant Admonish sinners Comfort the afflicted Forgive offenses Bear wrongs patiently Pray for the living and the dead Throughout this Holy Year, The U.P. Catholic will be highlighting the works of mercy taking place in our parishes and communities across the Upper Peninsula. If you have a story and pictures of a person or group of people who are actively engaging in works of mercy, email your suggestion to The U.P. Catholic at news@ dioceseofmarquette.org. We want to hear from YOU! Find us on facebook! Visit www.facebook.com/ theupcatholic

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