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6 April 22, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC SPRING STUDY DAY www.upcatholic.org The Church's call to be recipients and dispensers of mercy BY JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC The only way we are capable of loving God, especially in a way he deserves to be loved, is because he first loved us. He first planted in our hearts that mercy, that desire, that pas- sion, that love that we can share with others. Our mercy comes from us being recip- ients of mercy and then were called to be dispensers of mercy, stated Father Timo- thy Ferguson during the annual Spring Study Day held at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette on March 17, which took place prior to the diocesan Chrism Mass. More than 100 priests, deacons, re- ligious, and lay people of the diocese joined Father Ferguson as he spent the day talking about mercy. In his three talks, Father Fergusons main theme was how each member of the Church is a dispenser of mercy, because of the mercy that is received from Christ. Affective v. Effective mercy Father Ferguson explained that mercy can be looked at in two senses, affectively and effectively. He began with the ques- tion, Are we objects of mercy or subjects of mercy? The answer, is both because of the affective and effective sense of mercy. In regards to affective mercy, Father Ferguson explained that it is the aspect of mercy in which a person feels on an emotional level towards another. Often- times its something we cant help but sense because of our human nature. We feel mercy towards another person who is suffering because we know in our human existence, we are just a step away from the same thing, Father Ferguson stat- ed. When we see someone whose life is falling apart, we better not rest in confidence of think- ing, that will never happen to me. Were called to feel merciful towards others in the real sense that could be us in that situation. On the other hand, is effective mercy, which is something that we do and show to oth- ers. Were called to show mercy, were called to be merci- ful. Its a positive action for the good of another person, taking the steps to relieve the miseries or meet the needs of others. Jesus as the face of mercy Jesus Christ is the face of the fathers mercy, are the words that start Pope Franciss bull of indiction, which an- nounced the Holy Year of Mercy. In re- fards to the document, Father Ferguson stated, Jesus Christ is how God shows mercy to the world. According to Father Ferguson, based on the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, the heart of Christs love and mercy for each person lies in the Eucharist. The Eucha- rist is Gods most revelatory thing hes ever done. Before the Eucharist, he gave us his word, he gave us his message, and he gave us his promise. In the Eucharist he gives us himself, said Father Ferguson. Father Ferguson explained that Christ in his mercy saw the Apostles and the de- spair they were in prior to his crucifixion. He knew he had to give them the ulti- mate sign of him still being with them, he gave the Apostles and his Church his own body and blood. Christ instituted the Eucharist in that deepest moment of despair to show Gods mercy when we were most in need of that mercy. Father Ferugson added that Christs mercy is always with each of his faithful, especially in the Eucharist Any time we ind ourselves abandoned, anytime we ind ourselves hopeless, anytime we find ourselves despairing, go to the Eucharist. Go to the Blessed Sacrament. Go before the Lord and say, Yes, Lord I know you are here. Help me, save me, love me. He will, thats what he does. Mercy and justice As deep and vast is his justice, so deep and vast is his mercy towards him who fear him. Father Ferguson expressed Are You or someone You love struggling with mental illness or substance abuse? If so We have the Professionals who can help You. We are located at 347 Rock Street in Marquette and now conveniently located in Gwinn at the St. Francis Connection Center on 328 Fortress Street at KI Sawyer. To learn more, or schedule your appointment please contact Tara or Linda (906)227-9119 or (906)227-9118 or visit our website at cssup.org If you would like to help us in serving others, please make a generous donation to Catholic Social Services by using the envelope in this issue of the U.P. Catholic Newspaper. 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