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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC SPRING STUDY DAY April 22, 2016 7 how mercy and justice go hand in hand with one another. Justice comes across on the general level. Mercy on the particular. Justice says this action gets done, this is the con- sequence of that action. Mercy says, okay, lets look at the situation, lets look at the person, lets look at the individual case. In referring to justice, Father Fergu- son added that in the sense of justice nobody would make it to heaven, because in justice, its not deserved. In justice because of original sin, because of our own personal sin, because of our condition, we dont deserve heaven. However, with mercy, Gods mer- cy and his redemption, he opens the gates of heaven. God opens his heart and pours mercy out on us like the rays of red and pale red that shine upon us. This is Gods mercy stream- ing into the world. Its only Gods mercy thats going to redeem us. In closing, Father Ferguson added that the devotion of Divine Mercy is the prime example of this justice and mercy, In this devotion we see both our need for mercy and how God meets, surpasses, and overflows our need with his mercy. Father Ferguson's three talks from Spring Study Day can be found on the diocesan YouTube page at www. youtube.com/theupcatholic.

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