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8 April 22, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC CATHOLIC SCHOOLS www.upcatholic.org Catholic schools' Midwest Conference to focus on new curriculum Your First Communion & Confirmation Headquarters 1304 Ludington Street 317 N. Lincoln Road Escanaba (906) 786-1524 Westwood Mall Marquette (906) 228-5588 Rosaries + Bibles Prayer Books Statues + Bracelets Sports Medals/Chains 1st Communion Sets Since 1906 This summer, teachers and pastors from the di- ocese of Marquette, along with teachers and prin- cipals from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada will meet in Escanaba, June 13-14 for the second annual Midwest Conference on Catholic Liberal Arts Edu- cation. First, some brief context. Our diocesan Catholic schools are finishing their second year in the rollout of a Catholic liberal arts curriculum approved and endorsed by Bishop John Doerfler. There have been many early successes thus far in the subjects of language arts, religion and science. In language arts, schools are improving their abil- ity to teach students how to write well; along with improving their knowledge of grammar and diagram- ming of sentences as well as studying and memoriz- ing beautiful poetry and classic childrens literature. Schools are successfully beginning the integration of Latin studies, which help students with English frammar, vocabulary and critical thinking skills. In the area of religion diocesan schools have been concentrating on sharing the lives of the saints with students daily and learning the narrative of scrip- ture in the classroom. In science, elementary students are moving towards an inquiry based hands on science curricu- lum. A recent parent satisfaction survey of all school families showed a seven percent increase over last year of parents who were highly satisfied with ac- ademic programs. Many teachers have also shared that they are happy with the results of new curricu- lum implementations thus far. The purpose of this annual conference ran by the Diocese of Marquette is to help participants deepen their understanding of the new curriculum direction in concrete ways. This summers conference has been structured to be very practical with workshops designed for interaction between educators and conference presenters. There are two core themes to this years confer- ence. The first is how to teach with beauty, and more specifically how beauty is an effective gate- way to help students to better know and love Je- sus Christ and his Church. Beauty is a 'first tool of evangelization, one that speaks immediately to us when we experience it and captivates our heart and imagination no matter what age we are. Participants will learn how beauty is an effective teaching tool in religious instruction and in the planning and pray- ing of our liturgies. Beauty is a gateway to God. Pope Francis has said, Every form of catechesis would do well to attend to the way of beauty Proclaiming Christ means showing that to believe in and to follow him is not only something right and true, but also something beautiful, capable of filling life with new splendor and profound joy, even in the midst of difficulties. Every expression of true beauty can thus be ac- knowledged as a path leading to an encounter with the Lord Jesus. There will be many more other opportunities throughout the conference to discuss how to teach through the lens of beauty, goodness and truth in all subjects. A second major theme of this conference will be the benefits and methods of teaching Latin. As stated above, the study of Latin helps students mas- tery of English grammar. Vocabulary is enriched and broadened through learning Latin because of the significant number of words in the English language that have Lat- in roots. Studying Latin assists students to think analytically and logical- ly. Finally, Latin is the language of our Church, and knowledge of Latin prepares students to enter more fully into the life of the Church as expressed in prayer and liturgy. Workshops are also planned pertaining to early elementary education, language arts, science and history. This years conference is bringing in eight national speakers. Michael Van Hecke, publisher of the Cath- olic History Textbook Project and Jose Gonzalez, director of professional development at the Sophia Institute for Teachers, will offer key note addresses. Other workshop leaders include veteran teachers from California, Cincinnati, Kentucky and Phoenix. The conference will be held at Holy Name School in Escanaba on Monday and Tuesday, June 13 and 14. Everyone is invited to attend. A flyer and reg- istration information may be found at the Catholic schools page on the diocesan website. Visit www. dioceseofmarquette.org/catholicschools and click on the Catholic Liberal Arts Education link on the side. Cost of the conference is $125.00. The conference will begin each day with Mass at 8 a.m. at Saint Anne Church and end at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Christophe Pierre, titular archbishop of Gunela, as the new apostolic nuncio to the United States. Archbishop Pierre, 70, has served as nun- cio to Mexico since 2007 and succeeds Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigan, who has held the post since 2011 and reached the retirement age of 75 in January. Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, president of the U.S. Conference of Catho- lic Bishops, welcomed the April 12 appointment: On behalf of my brother bishops in the United States, I extend Archbishop Pierre a heartfelt greeting and my prayerful support as he embarks on his service to our country. A shared closeness with the Church in Mexico already creates a strong fraternal bond between us. With fond affection, allow me to also thank Arch- bishop Vigan for his selfless contributions to the life of the Church in the United States. Christophe Pierre was born Jan. 30, 1946 in Rennes, France. He was ordained a priest in 1970 and has previously served as nuncio to Haiti (1995-1999) and Uganda (1999-2007). An apostolic nuncio is the popes personal representative in a country that has full diplomatic relations with the Holy See. Apostolic nuncio to U.S. named

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