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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC HEALTHWISE May 5, 2017 13 Are you or someone you love struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse? If so We have the Professionals who can help you. To learn more please contact us at (906) 227-9119 or (906) 227-9118 or visit our website at cssup.org. In 2016 we provided 6,943 counseling sessions for 1,284 people. Over 100 of the people we served last year received their counseling support for free or at a significantly reduced rate because of financial hardship. C.S.S.U.P. is determined to serve all those who seek help regardless of their ability to pay. If you would like to help us in serving others, please make a generous donation to Catholic Social Services by using the envelope in this issue of the U.P. Catholic Newspaper. 2900 Third Avenue South Escanaba, MI 49829 906 786-5810 National Nursing Home Week May 14 - 20, 2017 Visit the Spirit of America!" Mother's Day is the start of National Nursing Home week. A time to visit friends and relatives at a nursing home. If you cannot visit, please phone or send a card. Visiting loved ones or volunteering at a nursing home is a rewarding experience for all involved. From the Staff and Residents of Bishop Noa Home & The Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres Assisted suicide is the opposite of health care (CNA/EWTN News) - Proposals to legalize euthanasia in the Australian state of Victoria are based on misplaced compassion, the local bishops said. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are the op- posite of care and represent the abandonment of the sick and the suffering, of older and dying persons, the bishops said April 18. We ask Victorians to continue to love and care for those who are sick and suffering rather than abandoning them to euthanasia or sup- porting them to suicide. Our ability to care says much about the strength of our society. Their pastoral letter was signed by the four bishops with dioceses in Victoria state, includ- ing Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne. Lawmakers in Victoria aim to allow assisted dying, meaning both euthanasia and assisted suicide, in limited circumstances. In 2016 a parliamentary committee recom- mended that Victoria advance towards legaliz- ing assisted suicide and euthanasia. The Gov- ernment endorsed the proposal and at present there is a consultation to determine how such laws can be made safe. The bishops countered: We should be clear - there is no safe way to kill people or to help them to their own suicide. The commandment you shall not kill is central to both biblical and civil law, they said, encouraging the Cath- olic faithful and others to pray and act against the bill. Instead of legalizing assisted suicide, every- one should respond to the sick and the suffer- ing with truth and compassion, the bishops said,irmingthateveryonehasthedutyto protect, nurture and sustain life to the best of our ability. The bishops warned that the legislation could create a lower threshold of care and protection for the sick, the suffering and the vulnerable. Such a law would serve to exploit the vul- nerability of those people, exposing them to further risk, they said. The Victorian bishops thanked the govern- ment for its commitment to palliative care and encouraged more investment in this path instead of assisted suicide or euthanasia. St. Francis Hosptial named a top 100 critical access hospital OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group was recently named one of the Top 100 Crit- ical Access Hospitals in the United States by iVantage Health Analytics and The Chartis Center for Rural Health. This achievement is very gratifying and validates our daily commitment to provid- ing the best health care possible to our com- munity, while maintaining an efficient and effective facility, said Dave Lord, president of OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group. OSF St. Francis Hos- pital & Medical Group scored in the top 100 of Critical Access Hospitals on iVan- tage Health Analytics' Hospital Strength INDEX. The INDEX is the industry's most comprehensive rating of rural providers. It provides the data founda- tion for the annual Rural Relevance Study and its results are the basis for many of rural healthcare's most prominent awards, advocacy efforts and legislative initiatives. The list of the Top 100 Critical Access Hos- pitals and more information about the study can be found at www.iVantageINDEX.com. The Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals play a key role in providing a safety net to com- munities across America and the INDEX measures them across eight pillars of hos- pital strength: Inpatient Share Ranking, Outpatient Share Ranking, Cost, Charge, Quality, Outcomes, Patient Perspectives, and Financial Stability. It's more important than ever that rural hospitals proactively understand and ad- dress performance in the areas of cost, quality, outcomes and patient perspective. iVantage's INDEX was designed to serve as this industry model, said Michael Topchik, national leader of the Chartis Center for Ru- ral Health. Across the spectrum of perfor- mance indicators, there are rural providers that are writing the blueprint for success as they transition to value-based health- care. Our analysis shows that this group of top per- formers exhibits a focused concern for their community needs. OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group is a member of OSF Healthcare System and the sole community hospital for Delta Coun- ty. With more than 600 employees and over 100 physicians on its medical staff, OSF St. Francis provides hospital, physician and home based services. For more information visit www.osfstfrancis.org The Chartis Group (Chartis) is a nation- al advisory services firm dedicated to the healthcare industry. The Chartis Center for Rural Health (CCRH) was formed in 2016 to offer tailored services, performance man- agement solutions, research and education to rural hospitals and facilities. Learn more at Chartisrural.com.

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