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2 May 5, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC ST. JOSEPH ASSOCIATION www.upcatholic.org In the March 31 issue of The U.P. Catholic photos and brief biographies of women religious serving in the Diocese of Marquette were published. The U.P. Catholic inad- vertently omitted Sister Eden L. Orlino, SPC from the issue. Name: Sister Eden L. Orlino, SPC (Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres) Hometown: Manila, Philippnes Current ministry: Pastoral Work, Bishop Noa Home in Escanaba Ministry Highlight: Ministering to the residents in regard to their spiritual needs. Journeying with them together with their families to make joyful and mean- ingful acceptance of life so they relish Gods gifts remembering their experiences with their family, friends and community with much appreciation, gratitude and to offer all back to God. DIOCESAN COLLECTION GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY - MAY 13/14 PLEASE BE GENEROUS! This collection directly benefits only priests of the Diocese of Marquette. This collection is separate from the annual December collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious, which supports retired priests, brothers and sisters of religious orders and institutes. Reverend Michael Ocran -Lovingly, from your Holy Redeemer Parish Family Happy 60th Birthday Father Michael! We would like to follow the secret to your youthful appearance and amazing vigor, but none of us could possibly eat that many Plantains! We truly thank God for your ministry! Sister Eden L. Orlino, SPC r v CORRECTION BY CAROL HOLLENBECK SPECIAL TO THE U.P. CATHOLIC Adequately funding retirement is a challenge for many, and priests are no exception. The Diocese of Marquette established the St. Joseph Association to help retiring priests make ends meet. Father Raymond Moncher was one of the founding members of the association. I havent been active on the St. Joseph Association for several years, Father Moncher explains. I was ordained in 1958. At that time, retirement was barely thought about by priests. They stayed on until they died. But then, people began living longer, including priests, and we realized that something had to be done to take care of priests who were retiring. Bishop Thomas Noa had es- tablished a fund to help infirm priests, and he was very support- ive of the effort to start a retire- ment fund, Father Moncher said. He contributed $75,000 from the infirm priests fund to get the St. Joseph Association started, he said. At first, each priest paid into the fund every year. That continued for the first 10 or 12 years. Then, it was decided that each parish should contribute to the fund, rather than the priests. Thats the way its been done ever since, and its done its work well. The Diocese of Marquette collects each year for the fund. This years collection will be May 13-14. The association is financially stable, Father Moncher said. Money goes into it every year from the parishes, and its covering every- thing. The contributions are keeping it in good shape. During their working lives, priests are paid by their parishes. But if they dont make provi- sions for their retirement years, they dont have enough to pay living expenses, Father Moncher continued. They get Social Security if they paid into it, but in the past, many opted out, he said. Whether priests should consider another re- tirement plan as well is an individual choice, he said. It depends on what kind of lifestyle they want to live. I opted into Social Security later in my life, so I get a minimal payment, as well as St. Joseph Association benefits. I've also been able to keep working and receive Mass stipends, so I make it, he said. But some priests cant work, and for them, the association payments can be life and death. Father Moncher said he was hospitalized early this year for a defective heart valve. He had a pacemaker and heart valve replacement, and was hospitalized for two months. I had lots of medical expenses and no income during that time, he said. I still have medical bills I hav- ent been able to pay. Father Moncher, 85, ministers at St. Catherine Mission in Marenisco. In 2010, St. Catherines icewascombinedwithSt.SebastianParishin Bessemer. When I first retired (in 1997), I was helping out all over the diocese, he said. Then the priest here retired Ive been here at least a dozen years now. Father Moncher is a native of the western U.P. He was born in Bessemer, and attended schools there and in Wakefield. He was ordained in 1958 by Bishop Noa in Marquette. In addition to serving on the St. Joseph Association board, he has served as chaplain at Camp Plagens, and at parishes in LAnse, Sault Ste. Marie, St. Ignace, Marquette, Newberry State Hospital, Rockland and Greenland, Munising, Grand Marais and Germfask. In addition, he has been spiritual moderator of the Marquette Deanery Council of Catholic Women, dean of the Marquette Dean- ery for many years, district friar for the Knights of Columbus Michigan District 5 and served on the Diocesan Finance Council. Father Moncher finds St. Joseph Association key for retired priests Fr. Raymond Moncher T B l r d w t Please Pray for Priests Dear Lord, we pray that the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around your priests and through her intercession strengthen them for their ministry. We pray that Mary will guide your priests to follow her own words, Do whatever He tells you (Jn 2:5). May your priests have the heart of St. Joseph, Marys most chaste spouse. May the Blessed Mothers own pierced heart inspire them to embrace all who suffer at the foot of the cross. May your priests be holy, filled with the fire of your love seeking nothing but your greater glory and the salvation of souls. Amen.

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