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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC HEALTHWISE May 6, 2016 13 Including Massage Therapy BY JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC When you have a good relation- ship with God, with your family, and take good care of yourself physically, everything just falls into place, stated Pam Bowers, a parishioner of Holy Redeemer Parish in Menominee. Pam and her husband, Kevin, have not only instilled the Catholic faith into their three children, but they have also taught the importance of having an active lifestyle together as a family. The Bowers family can often be found outdoors together, whether its going for a bike ride, or playing a game of kickball in their backyard. It has given Pam and Kevin the oppor- tunity to grow in closer relationships with their sons Zach (17), Jason (13), and Simon (10), and has created many memories along the way. One of their family traditions is participating in the Menominee River Century bike ride together each year, a tradition that started more than 13 years ago when Pam was pregnant with Jason. We started this tradition because my dad, age 74, has been doing this ride since the very first year it started, 35 years ago. My sister and her husband began riding with him, and they talked us into it a few years later, explained Pam. The annually June ride has been something the boys have been able to grow in doing. Each of the boys have been a part of the race since being in the baby seat behind one of their parents bikes, to riding a tag-along- bike, and now riding the 25 miles on their own. Not to mention, its one of the boys favorite activities to do with their family, especially for their oldest son, Zach. I hope our children realize that having an active lifestyle is a great way to manage stress and to workout your worries. Going for a long bike ride, even together, gives you time to think, reflect, work out problems and ask God for help or guidance, said Pam. When we are outside it makes us feel closer to God. Outside is where we are the closest to all His creations. A special moment for Pam came earlier this spring when she wanted to go for a run, but didnt want to go alone. So, she enlisted her youngest son to join her. It was wonderful, he rode his bike while I ran. He was so patient with me, he would slow down for me when I needed to catch my breath and would point out flaws in the road so I would avoid them, she said. It was such a treat to have that one-on-one time with him, he could talk freely and I could listen. Not only is it an opportunity for the boys to interact and talk with their parents, but its also a time were they can share with one another. They spend much of their days outside playing kickball, basketball, soccer, knee hockey, tossing the football back and forth and much more. According to Pam and Kevin, the boys share a lot while playing together. They are able to talk about whats going on at school, on the bus, or whatever else comes to mind. Though the summer days in the Upper Peninsula are few and far be- tween, it doesnt stop the Bowers fam- ily from living their healthy lifestyle. Jason and Simon are both actively involved in hockey, which is a sport that requires the entire family to be involved. According to the family, its not just a sport where the boys get on the bus from school and the parents make it to the game if they are able. Being a hockey family means prac- tice two or three times a week, with a ride there and back, and games on most weekends. These games often require travel for a couple hours, giv- ing us lots of together time. With two boys in hockey, often times each of us has to take one play- er to a different direction. We truly enjoy these days to have a whole day to just be with one of the boys and share that time with them. Being active allows Menominee family to grow together COURTESY PHOTO The Bowers Family of Menominee in their superhero shirts prior to the 2015 Menomi- nee River Century Bike Ride. Each year the family participates in the ride and chooses a theme for the shirts they wear. COURTESY PHOTO Do you have photos from a parish or school event? Send your photos with the event information for possible publication to: news@diocese ofmarquette.org

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