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22 May 26, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC CATHOLIC SCHOOLS www.upcatholic.org Escanaba's Holy Name Catholic School gets outdoor stations COURTESY OF VICTORIA LAFAVE Holy Name Catholic School sixth grade students pray the Stations of the Cross with their teacher, Amy Prey, in the school's outdoor classroom on Holy Thursday, April 13. On Holy Thursday, April 13, Holy Name Catholic School sixth grade students and their teacher, Amy Prey, prayed the Stations of the Cross in the Escanaba schools outdoor classroom. The Stations of the Cross were paid for with a donation from Jeanine Dagenais of Escanaba. Frank and Nancy Chenier built the small houses that shelter each of the 14 Stations. Families interested in enrolling their children at Holy Name Catholic School are invited to call or visit Holy Name. Tours of the school will be available for any in- terested parents, grandparents and potential students. Holy Name Catholic School is located at 409 So. 22nd St., Escanaba. For more information, contact Holy Name by phone at (906) 786-7550 or visit the schools website, www.holynamecrusaders.com. L'Anse, Escanaba schools receive state grants to improve security BY VICTORIA LAFAVE Sacred Heart Catholic School (SHCS) is the recipient of a grant totaling $9,067 from the State of Michigan. The grant funds awarded are broken down as follows: $4,579 for the purchase and installation of a new security camera system to monitor all building entrances, an intercom system and door release for the main entrance, and an exit mo- tion sensor for the main entrance. $4,488 for a new public address system. The grant requests were written by SHCS principal Christy Miron, who expressed her thanks to the Michigan State Police for its generosity in providing the needed funds for this project, and to the Baraga County Sheriff's Department and Baraga County Emergency Management Coordinator, JeffHubbard, for their letters of support. One area of concern for us and our parents has been our outdated security system, Miron explained. The installation of security cameras at all entrances and an intercom and door buzzer system will allow us to better control who gains access to our building, while the two-way PA system will provide for muchquickercommunicationbetweenthefronticeandthe classrooms. According to Miron, the ultimate goal in fulfilling this grant is to have the safest possible environment for Sacred Heart Catho- lic School students and staffmembers. Holy Name Catholic School (HNCS) is the recipient of a grant totaling $25,995 from the State of Michigan. The grant funds will pay for a new interior camera system, including new security cameras to be placed in the school class- roomsandhallways,alongwithaserverintheschooliceto handle the added technology. HNCS will complete the project over the summer of 2017, beginning with wiring. Several years ago HNCS was able to install security doors, which was phase one of HNCSs security project. Due to lack of additional funds, the second phase of the project, to install security cameras in classrooms and hallways, was postponed. Now, with these funds from the State of Michigan, HNCS will be able to complete phase two. In addition to completing the phase one security improve- ments, HNCS has been creating a safe school environment by having all staffmembers complete active shooter training provided by local law enforcement. Holy Name Catholic School principal Joseph Carlson is thank- ful for the State of Michigan for its generosity in providing the needed funds for this project. We are humbled and grateful for the support of the State of Michigan to pay for phase two of our security system, he said, We truly feel this grant will help our school in reaching our goal not just to be a safe school, but to be the safest school in our area. We also owe a special thanks to one of our school council members, Matt Flath, for diligently researching the technology and the costs of this project that the State of Michigan ap- proved. Carlson also explained that with the implementation of secu- rity cameras in HNCS classrooms, hallways, and the updated serverintheschoolice,thesystemwillallowlawenforce- ment to have remote access if there is ever an issue. For more information on Sacred Heart Catholic School, contact the school at (906) 524-5157, visit www.sacredheartlanse.org or ind Sacred Heart Catholic School on Facebook. For more infor- mationaboutHolyNameCatholicSchool,calltheschooliceat (906) 786-7550 or visit www.holynamecrusaders.com. COURTESY OF VICTORIA LAFAVE The Second Station of the Cross.

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