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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC TWILIGHT May 27, 2016 11 Leave a Lasting Legacy Perpetuate Christs Work with a bequest For estate planning information in the Diocese of Marquette contact Terri Gadzinski, development director 906/227-9108 tgadzinski@dioceseofmarquette.org Request this free brochure today to learn more! Range Funeral Service Inc. We invite comparison. Frick-Zielinski Funeral Home 304 S. Sophie St. Bessemer, MI (906) 663-4410 Ketola-Burla Funeral Home 635 E. Ayer St. Ironwood, MI (888) 932-1832 Range Crematory 401 Hwy 51 South Hurley, WI (888) 932-1832 funeral of one with few mourners, frequently the elderly, again to demonstrate our parish's caring spirit, he noted. Franz Gotzel agreed, saying, This ministry gives some solace to the bereaved. That is why I am mainly in this ministry. Accompanist Mary Ganfield added, Our presence gives support to the family. Strangers who care enough to spend time with them in honoring their loved one is very meaningful. Cindy Ampe became involved with the Resurrection Choir after her mother and fa- ther died. When I was at the funeral Masses for my parents, I felt such a sense of hope and peace during their services. I hope that through prayerful singing, our choir can pro- vide this same sense of peacefulness and hope to the families we serve. Zhulkie pointed out that mercy is not only extended to grieving families through the Resurrection Choir but also through the ministry of many others. The priest, servers, lectors, choir and women (usually) who serve the post-funeral meal are signs of hope, she said. They are not forced to serve. They serve because Gods grace inspires love and mercy in ways that can be felt, heard and seen. The choir illuminates Gods mercy by singing for people that they often dont know personally. This demonstrates that Gods mercy embraces all, without discrimination. Throughout this Holy Year, The U.P. Catho- lic will be highlighting the works of mercy taking place in our parishes and communi- ties across the Upper Peninsula. If you have a story and pictures of a person or group of people who are actively engaging in works of mercy, email your suggestion to The U.P. Catholic at news@ dioceseofmarquette.org. FROM PAGE 10 PHOTO COURTESY OF LOREENE ZENO KOSKEY The Resurrection Choir at St. Michael Parish in Marquette exercises the corporal work of mercy, "Bury the Dead," by singing at Masses of Christian Burial. From left to right are Beth Allen, Rusty Bowers, Pat Geoffrion, Jean Gannon and Cindy Ampe.

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