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2 June 17, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC SACRAMENTS www.upcatholic.org First Communion BARAGA CATHOLIC COMMUNITY, Baraga Front row, from left: Talan Engle, Kaidynce Carr, Morgan Mayo, Peyton Denomie, Jaxon Reilley, Ellise Dove. Middle row: Wendy Freeman, Wendy Hiltunen, Mathew Rinkinen, Morgan Fish, Brayden Sauvola, Diane Richard. Back row: Dave Yonkers, Truman Hagbloom, Randy LaLonde, Father Corey Litzner, Vern Miron, Rich Barrette, John Juntunen. ST. MARY, Norway Front row, from left: Ella Wojtowicz, William Murvich, Fischer Campbell. Middle row: Joseph Dunn, Adeline Demers, Payton Paquette, Caleb Stachowicz. Back row: Norah Edwards, Father Timothy Ekaitis, Bradley Judy. HOLY FAMILY, Flatrock Front row, from left: Abigail Silverstone, Father John Longbucco, Kristy Karl. Back row: Cole Bartoszek, Nathan Nelson, Abrahm Seymour, Aaron Hughes, Eric Smith. OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP, Palmer From left: Madison Richards, Monsignor Peter Oberto, Trent "TJ" Katona. ST. BRUNO, Nadeau From left: Father Michael Vichich. Brooks Castle, Jackie Arnold (catechist). ST. CHRISTOPHER, Marquette Front row, from left: Sister Colleen Sweeting, Alex Brennan, Brady Quinnell, Father Brandon Oman, Nina Fassbender, Brett Fassbender, Cathy Clement (catechist). Back row: Deacon Steve Gualdoni. Cover photo: Photo courtesy of Jen Lochner, St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. Monsignor Michael Steber, pastor of St. Peter Cathe- dral in Marquette, sits on the steps of the sanctuary during his homily with the children receiving their irst Communion. First Commu- nion for St. Peter Cathedral was held on May 1, 2016. "Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ increases the communicant's union with the Lord, forgives his venial sins, and preserves him from grave sins." CCC #1416

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