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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC June 17, 2016 9 family. "These are my people, I know them all. I've been here so long that they're starting to die. It's like losing family member, after family member when you work in a place like this," she explained. "They're your family, you get at- tached and it's all part of life. I found that one of the hardest things is get- ting attached and having to let go." Along with the hard part of losing parishioners, there have also been many moments of joy in her role as parish secretary. According to Pemble, she has enjoyed working with many of the new men ordained to the priest- hood that would spend time at St. Michael Parish as associate pastors. "St. Michael's has been the training ground for associate priests. It's been great getting to know them. It's like watching your kids grow, watching them move on and be successful in what they do." "And, knowing when they're here, what's ahead of them, that someday they're really going to make a great pastor at their own parish." Pemble's work with St. Michael par- ish has been centered on her caring for her parish family. Though, it was a job she wasn't intending on retiring from, it has helped to shape her and her own faith. "You're in a Christian atmosphere, they're all forgiving. I just feel fortu- nate and blessed that I've been able to work in a Christian environment with such great people." FROM PAGE 8

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