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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC July 14, 2017 13 With the sun high above the Garden Peninsula, Marygrove welcomes our summer visitors: families, seminarians, silent retreatants, and all others who come and ind here a place of quiet refreshment and encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. If you haven't been here, now might be the time to sign up for a Fall Retreat! We are grateful to our Patrons Club Members, who help to keep our costs reasonable and support the great work that God does in this holy place. For information on the Patrons' Club, including the dates of our upcoming Patron Dinners, please call us at 906-644-2771 Through your generosity $85,734.59 has been collected to date during the recent Priests Retirement Collection. Thank you for your ongoing support of our diocesan clergy. When giving to the poor, look them in the eyes BY ANN SCHNEIBLE CNA/EWTN NEWS Its not just about the money; it is about be- ing attentive to the actual needs of the person asking for help, Pope Francis said of almsgiv- ing during his April 9, 2016 general audience address. Almsgiving is a gesture of love which directs us toward those we meet, the pope said in his catechesis. It is a gesture of sincere attention to those who come to us and ask our help. We should not identify almsgiving simply with a (hastily given) monetary offering he said, without looking at the person, and with- out stopping to talk, to understand what they really need. In off-the-cuffremarks, the pope challenged the faithful as to whether they are able to stop and look in the face, look in the eyes, of the person who is asking for my help. Almsgiving must carry with it all the rich- ness of mercy, the pope said in his catechesis, observing that the Italian word for alms elemosina is derived from the Greek and references mercy. Just as mercy has a million paths, a million processes, so too almsgiving is expressed in many ways to alleviate the disadvantages of all those in need. The Holy Father cited examples from Scrip- ture of the importance of giving alms. God demands particular attention (be given) to the poor, he said: the destitute, foreigners, orphans, and widows. Citing a passage from Deuteronomy on giving alms You shall give to him freely, and your heart shall not be grudging he explained how giving to those in need requires an atti- tude of interior joy. Almsgiving should not be seen as a weight or annoyance from which we free ourselves hastily, he said. Speaking off-script, the pope spoke on the hesitancy to give money to the poor on the argument that they will just use it to buy wine and get drunk. And you, what do you do in hiding that no one sees? And you judge that poor man who asks for a coin (to buy) a glass of wine? Pope Francis turned his catechesis to the Gospel, citing Jesus admonishing us not to give to the poor in order to receive praise and admiration. Speaking once again off-the-cuff, the pope observed that almsgiving should be a sacri- ice. He recalled an anecdote of a woman who taught her three young children to always give alms to those who asked. A poor man once approached the children while they were eat- ing, and begged for food. The mother told the children to give half of their meal to the man. This is an example of being involved with the poor, he said. I am depriving myself of something of mine to give to you. And I say to parents: educate your children so give alms, to be generous with what they have. PHOTO BY L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO Pope Francis greets pilgrims at the general audience in St. Peter's Square on June 21, 2017. Learn more about giving online visit www.dioceseofmarquette.org/stewardshipdevelopment What identifies a steward? Safeguarding material and human resources and using them responsibly are one answer; so is generous giving of time, talent, and treasure. But being a Christian steward means more. As Christian stewards, we receive Gods gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord. For a summary of the U.S. Bishops pastoral letter on stewardship, visit: www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/stewardship/index.cfm United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on stewardship

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