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BY ANGELA JOHNSON THE U.P. CATHOLIC One way to answer our bishops recent call for spirit-filled evangelizers across the Upper Peninsula, is to unite our parishes in a spiritual bond with Our Blessed Mother Mary, as one Iron County pastor has recently done. Already individual members are feeling the transform- ing power of the Holy Spirit in their lives as a result. Consecrating our parishes to Mary will in- crease the gifts of the Spirit because Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit, said Father Daniel Malone who consecrated both St. Rose Parish in Channing and Guardian Angels in Crystal Falls. Spiritual warfare seems to be increasing around us and so we really do need Our Lady's protection in these troubling times, he said. On June 4, 2017 Bishop John Doerfler iciallyissuedTransformingFire:A New Pentecost for Forming Spirit-filled Evange- lizers, a pastoral letter detailing his plan for evangelization. Spirit-filled evangelizers are Christians who are transformed by the love of the Holy Spirit and follow the Spirit's lead to share Jesus with others, Bishop Doerfler said in the letter. Be a friend of Jesus, make a friend, and introduce your friend to Jesus has been his catchphrase since his ordination. Guardian Angels parishioner Helga Lange said she has found new confidence for reaching out to others since making a personal conse- cration to Jesus through Mary as part of the parish's Consecration Mass on May 31. Thir- teen parishioners in all did so. I feel like I got permission to go to Mary with my insecurities, Lange said after making the consecration. Now she is being prompted in powerful ways to reach out to others in need. I have always prayed that I would feel the Holy Spirit nudging me and I feel that nudge now, she said. Upon hearing that someone in the commu- nity was hurting Lange said she used to think I should do something, but then sat on the thought. Recently, however she said she got in her car without a plan at all and drove to the home of a newly widowed woman simply to offer a hug. When my husband died (30 years ago) I re- member thinking, what I missed the most was the hugs, she said. So I went to this woman's house unplanned and it turns out she needed my hug as much as I needed hers. I didn't need to say anything. We just hugged. Lange encourages others to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and to let the Blessed Mother lead them to act as she did that day. Do not overthink it, she said. Do not just sit on it. Donna Rossi, host of the Guardian Angels 33 Days to Morning Glory program, has been leading others to make a personal Marian Con- secration for years. There are so many people hurting in our world, so many things are pulling people away from the Lord, Rossi said. But if we share our struggles and our stories of grace we can bring one another back to Him. None of us is perfect. We all fall and Mary is always there to help us. Marian consecration is all about getting closer to the Lord, Rossi said. People need to realize in addition to honoring her we can use her as a powerful intercessor. People who complete the preparation pro- gram for personal consecration, which includes six weekly sessions of personal readings, DVD presentations and group discussion, grow clos- er to the Lord week by week, Rossi said. You see the joy in their eyes as their hearts open up and they become filled with the Holy Spirit. It is so beautiful, she said. One of the many fruits of consecration is a hunger to fully understand how Mary can bring us closer to Jesus, Rossi said. Who better to help us bring one another closer to the Lord? she said. 2 July 14, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC AROUND THE DIOCESE www.upcatholic.org Parish, parishioners consecrated to Our Blessed Mother COURTESY PHOTO Parishioners of Guardian Angels Parish in Crystal Falls gather for a photo following a special Mass in which each of them were personally consecrated to Mary. Front row, from left: Helga Lange, Rose Ternes, Becca LaChapelle, Mary Robinson, Chris Sommers, Virginia Koski. Back row: Bob Graff, Father Dan Malone, Louise Holmes, Dawn Windell, Robin Caron, Donna Rossi, Richard Ternes. Not pictured: Debby Nowak. COURTESY PHOTO Attention Parents The U.P. Catholic Newspaper offers a special subscription rate for college students. Encourage your college students to keep their faith alive while they are on campus. The U.P. Catholic Newspaper will be mailed directly to them from September through April. Send the student's name and address along with a $15 check to: The U.P. Catholic Newspaper 1004 Harbor Hills Drive Marquette, MI 49855-8851

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