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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC RETREATS & SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS July 15, 2016 19 With the sun high above the Garden Peninsula, Marygrove welcomes our summer visitors: families, seminarians, silent retreatants, and all others who come and ind here a place of quiet refreshment and encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. If you haven't been here, now might be the time to sign up for a Fall Retreat! We are grateful to our Patrons Club Members, who help to keep our costs reasonable and support the great work that God does in this holy place. For information on the Patrons' Club, including the dates of our upcoming Patron Dinners, please call us at 906-644-2771 CAMP INDEPENDENCE: SUMMER CAMP COUNSELORS AND LIFEGUARDS: MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE'S LIFE! Counselors and Lifeguards needed for Camp Independence, a one-week recreational summer camp for adults with physical disabilities. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, enthusiastic, responsible, and enjoy working with adults. Dates of camp are August 19-27, 2016. Salary, room and board, and a very personally rewarding experience! For information contact : Bay Cliff Health Camp at (906) 345-9314 or baycliff@baycliff.org, or visit us at www.baycliff.org or www.facebook.com/baycliff What people are saying about Marygrove... He also recommends concrete ways on how participants can prepare for their retreats at Marygrove. According to Father Ferguson, participants should pray for both themselves and those they will be on retreat with be- cause out of that spirit of prayer, is where a lot of the peace comes from. It is the hope of Father Ferguson and Marygrove that at the end of the retreat people leave with a sense of calm, a sense of peace and a sense that they really have engaged in an encounter with the Lord. Following a retreat Father Ferguson stress- es the importance of keeping that zeal going into everyday life, a large part of which is inding silence in each day. Its crucially important, even if its 10 min- utes in your car on your way to work. If its ive minutes in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up, or five minutes at night when everyone else goes to sleep, he said. Having some time of silence each day is so essential because its in the silence the Lord communicates with us. We need to have that time where were listening, that time where were open to hearing his voice. In addition, he suggests keeping in contact with the other participants of the retreats afterward. Picking up the phone and calling somebody you were on retreat with, or going out to lunch with them every so often is a food way of keeping that peaceful spirit acti- vated in your heart until you come back. For a list of upcoming retreats at Marygrove, see page 22 of this issue. For more information, to register for a retreat, or for a full retreat schedule, call Marygrove at (906) 644-2771, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. ET, or visit www.marygrove. org. FROM PAGE 18 It's a peaceful place. Whenever I come here, I can't wait to come back. It's also great all of the people you meet, I have become good friends with some of them." PAM JACOBUS HOLY FAMILY, ONTONAGON I've always struggled with my prayer life, but when I come here it's like an oasis of peace, it quiets your heart and mind. God's presence is everywhere here." NANCY REESE ST. ROSE, CHANNING Everyone is always so welcoming, it's like a home away from home. That was one of the reasons we settled here in Garden, a parish and retreat center across the street from one another. It doesn't get better than that." DICK SEIBERT ST. JOHN, GARDEN The silent retreats are great. It's a wonderful place to escape culture and fill yourself up spiritually. Any length one is excellent. I did an eight-day silent retreat and it changed my life. LINDA MAGNUSON ST. FRANCIS DE SALES, MANISTIQUE JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC Dick Seibert of Garden takes a moment to ask a question during the recent faith for- mation coordinator training retreat held at Marygrove Retreat Cen- ter in Garden. Seibert has also taken part in several other retreats Marygrove has to offer, including the parish and silent retreats. For a list and further information on some of the retreats offered at Marygrove, see page 22. Traveling the U.P. this summer? Find summer Mass times at: www.dioceseofmarquette.org/ SummerMassTimes

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