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The following are a selection of upcoming retreats available at Marygrove. The cost of a weekend re- treat is $120 for a single person, or $200 for a mar- ried couple, unless otherwise noted. Information about Marygrove Retreat Center can be found in the story on pages 18-19. For additional information, to register for a re- treat, or for a full retreat schedule, call Marygrove at (906) 644-2771, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. ET, or visit www.marygrove.org. SILENT DIRECTED RETREATS Eight-Day: July 31-Aug. 7 Three-Day: Dec. 9-11 For men and women, Catholics and those of other faith traditions. A silent directed retreat is a concentrated guided experience of God in prayer. With very few excep- tions, there is no talking during the retreat. Meals are silent. Participants live by a different set of rules to bring rest and peace, and heighten the individu- als awareness of Gods presence. During a silent retreat daily Mass, morning and evening prayer in community, opportunities for con- fession and daily meetings with a spiritual director are offered. The fee for the Eight-Day retreat is $310 per per- son, and $120 for a three- day retreat. Marygrove also has additional six-day retreats in the winter and early summer, and a three- day retreat in the early spring. MEN'S & WOMEN'S CURSILLO Mens: Sept. 15-18 Womens: Sept. 29-Oct. 2 Roman Catholic Cursillo weekends provide various conferences by clergy and witness talks by fellow Christians. It is designed to empower people to be more of a Christian witness in their families, workplaces and in everyday lives. Par- ticipants deepen their faith and learn how to better live out their faith in society. The Cursillo weekend is part of the greater Cursillo movement, the goal of which is to make Christ the prime influence in society. Marygrove also offers Cursillo weekends for Christian participants who are non-Catholic in the early spring. YOUTH ENCOUNTER CHRIST Oct. 28-30 Similar to the Cursillo weekend, but for young adults 16-20. Youth Encounter Christ (YEC) is a powerful weekend of understanding and experiencing the Chris- tian faith for young adults ages 16-20. In addition to the retreat, there is a follow-up program that helps those who attended to carry out what was learned and transfer it to their everyday lives. More information about YEC can be found at www.youthencounterchrist.org. A spring YEC is also held each year. The cost is $25 per person. Contact Barry and Yvonne Voss at (906) 563-5187 for more information and to receive an application. WISE WOMEN RETREAT Nov. 11-13 Open to all Christian women looking to deepen their relationship with Christ. The history of faith is filled with women of vision and spirit. This includes the women of the Old Testament, disciples of Jesus, saints, leaders and servants of today. WISE MEN RETREAT Dec. 2-4 Open to all Christian men looking to deepen their relationship with Christ. What is a real man? It is the man who puts God irst, and allows his faith to permeate everything else. These three days of prayer, Christian fellowship and shared wisdom, is a retreat designed to help men put God first. Young and old, married and single, Catholic and Protestant men of many walks of life bringing their faith and wisdom to encourage each other. SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN Dec. 17-18 An Advent overnight retreat for men and women (Saturday after- noon to Sunday lunch). Have you ever felt like your celebration of Christmas wasnt as spiritual as it should be? This year, get ready to celebrate Christs birth by spending an overnight retreat. The two day retreat will include studying the Scriptural stories of Jesus birth, singing the songs of the season, and enjoying the holiday tales that warm the heart. 22 July 15, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC RETREATS & SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS www.upcatholic.org Upcoming retreats at Marygrove FILE PHOTO Among other features, inside the walls of Marygrove Retreat Center includes a chapel that seats 50 people. There is also a small adoration chapel. Bishop John F. Doerfler + Sacred Heart of Munising + St. Therese Mission of AuTrain In gratitude and thanksgiving. Ad multos annos.

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