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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC YEAR OF MERCY July 15, 2016 9 Rvbmjuz gvsojuvsf bu xipmftbmf qsjdft A Catholic family owned & operated company since 1979 Members of the Diocese of Marquette, Michigan Ejojoh Sppn Pggjdf Gvsojuvsf Nbuusfttft Vqipmtufsfe Tfut Ljudifo Dbcjofut Cbuisppn Dbcjofut Cfesppn Mjwjoh Sppn Cretens Furniture Factory & Showroom Qfsljot Spbe Qfsljot NJ xxx dsfufotgvsojuvsf dpn N G Tbu Mpehf Dbnq boe Dpuubhf tuzmf gvsojtijoht Congratulations Bishop Doerfler! - From Fr. Dominic, the Parish Staff & Parishioners of St. Sebastian, Bessemer, St. Catherine, Marenisco & Immaculate Conception, Wakefield Our prayers are with you Bishop John as you celebrate your 25th Jubilee. A Year of Mercy pilgrimage COURTESY PHOTO Last month, parishioners from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Bark River and St. Joseph Mission, Foster City made a pilgrimage to Marquette for the Year of Mercy. The main focus was to visit St. Peter Cathedral to enter the Holy Doors. The pilgrimage also included visiting the other three parishes in Marquette: St. Christopher, St. Michael and St. Louis the King Parishes. At each of the parishes, participants were given a brief tour, time for confession and quiet prayer. Father Darryl Pepin, pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish and St. Joseph Mission led the pilgrimage. How to obtain indulgences for the Year of mercy During each Jubilee Year, the Church gives faithful the opportunity to receive the Jubilee Year indulgence by fulfilling certain conditions. The following has been adapted from the decree on the plena- ry indulgence for the 2000 Jubilee Year. To receive the Jubilee Year indulgence faithful must fulfill conditions for a plenary indulgence and perform the indulgenced act: Passing through a desig- nated Holy Door during the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. (Holy Doors are locat- ed at St. Peter Cathedral for the Diocese of Marquette.) OR Perform one of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy. Conditions for a plenary in- dulgence: Be in the state of grace at the time the indulgenced work is completed. A plenary indulgence can be gained only once a day. In order to obtain it, the faith- ful must, in addition to being in the state of grace: Have the interior disposition of complete detachment from sin, even venial sin; Have sacramentally confessed their sins; Receive the Holy Eucharist; Pray for the intentions of the pope. It is appropriate, but not necessary, that the sacramental confession, re- ception of Holy Communion and the prayer for the pope's inten- tions take place on the same day that the indulgenced work is performed; but it is sufficient that these sa- cred rites and prayers be carried out within several days (about 20) before or after the indulgenced act. Prayers said for the pope's intentions is left to the choice of the faithful, but an Our Father and a Hail Mary are suggested. For the sake of those legiti- mately impeded, confessors can commute both the work prescribed and the conditions required (except, obvious- ly, detachment from even venial sin.) Indulgences can always be applied either to oneself or to the souls of the deceased, but they cannot be applied to other persons living on earth. REV. DOMINIC AGYAPONG - From the Parish Staff and Parishioners of St. Sebastian, Bessemer, St. Catherine, Marenisco & Immaculate Conception, Wakefield Dear Father Dominic; We warmly welcome you and look forward to working with you to build-up the Kingdom of God in our communities. Please be assured of our prayerful support!

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