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BY LISETTE LAFAVE HOLY NAME CATHOLIC SCHOOL, ESCANABA Unlike most children, I go to a Catholic school. Some people might wonder why students enjoy going to schools like this. Well, I for one can tell you the uniform code, friendly environment, and focus on prayer are all crucial points for me when it comes to my school. We have Catholic faith class ev- ery day, and Mass every week. By reading and meditating on Scrip- ture, we learn about Gods plan for us. We pray in every class, and teachers relate all our lessons to Catholic history and doctrine. My classmates and I pray before and after meals, and at the end of the day. We even recite the Divine Praises together as a school every morning! The prayer life helps us grow in faith and understand Catholic teachings. Another reason I love my school is the uniform code. In public schools, people might judge you for what you wear, and other peoples clothes provide distractions. But at my school, a uniform makes it easy to pick out what to wear, without worrying if youre following the latest trend. Hav- ing a uniform code is another thing I like about my school, and it really makes life easier. Because of our Catholic education, people at my school value integrity and friendships more. Something I really love is how we all genuinely care about each others well-being, so there is less bullying than in public schools. When everyone prays together, we grow closer to God and others. The Catholic environment at my school helps us develop kindness and respect for one another. Going to a Catholic school is very important to me. Were courteous to each other, pray, and wear a simple uniform; all of these make learning eas- ier and help us grow in faith. I love my Catholic school its the best place to learn! Editor's note: Lisette LaFave was an eighth grade student at Holy Name Catholic School in Escanaba last year. Her entry won the "Why I love my Catholic school" contest. Second place went to Maggie Menghini of Holy Spirit Cath- olic School in Norway, and third place went to Allison Korpi, also of Holy Name Catholic School. 2 August 11, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC CATHOLIC SCHOOLS www.upcatholic.org Corrections: In the July 14, 2017 issue the title of Sister Colleen Sweetings ministry was incorrectly stated. For the past 18 years she served as pastoral coordinator at St. Christopher Parish in Marquette. Prior to that she was pastoral coordinator at Sacred Heart Parish in DeTour and St. Florence Mission on Drummond Island. In the annual Sacraments supplement in the July 14, 2017 issue one of the First Commu- nion recipients name was incorrectly stated. The caption should have read: Front row, from left: Sister Colleen Sweeting, Analiese Alexander, Dylan Daneau, Lily Bu- yarski. Back row: Deacon Steve Gualdoni, Father Greg Heikkala, Cathy Clement (catechist). Bishop Baraga teachers named STEM fellows COURTESY PHOTO Iron Mountain's Bishop Baraga Catholic School teachers (left to right) Deb Sage, Karen Hackstock, Brenda Wilkey and Elizabeth Benz are Trustey Family STEM 2017 fellows. Rvbmjuz gvsojuvsf bu xipmftbmf qsjdft A Catholic family owned & operated company since 1979 Members of the Diocese of Marquette, Michigan Ejojoh Sppn Pggjdf Gvsojuvsf Nbuusfttft Vqipmtufsfe Tfut Ljudifo Dbcjofut Cbuisppn Dbcjofut Cfesppn Mjwjoh Sppn Cretens Furniture Factory & Showroom Qfsljot Spbe Qfsljot NJ xxx dsfufotgvsojuvsf dpn N G Tbu Mpehf Dbnq boe Dpuubhf tuzmf gvsojtijoht Lisette LaFave Why I love my Catholic school Bishop Baraga Catholic School in Iron Moun- tain teachers Elizabeth Benz, Karen Hackstock, Deb Sage and Brenda Wilkey have been selected as fellows in the 2017 cohort of the Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows. We are very excited to be one of 10 teams selected nationally for this prestigious program at Notre Dame (University), BBCS Principal Kevin Weed said. This wonderful opportunity for our staff is perfectly timed as we move into the science and technology phase of our schools classical curriculum improvements. The competitive, three summer, two school year program seeks to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teaching and learning for all students. Fellows will attend three Summer Institutes at Notre Dame. Throughout the school year they will receive con- tent specific coaching for their instructional prac- tice and targeted support as they expand access to and opportunities for STEM learning. BBCS runs a preschool through eighth grade school dedicated to the instruction of children using a virtue-rich model with an emphasis upon classical education. Beginning in 2017-18, BBCS will also be offering classical enrichment courses for home school students two days per week in grades sixth through twelfth.

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