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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC September 1, 2017 5 Holy Cross Cemetery Escanaba & Marquette Fall Notification Each year, in order to beautify our cemetery, our grounds and maintenance crews perform the final cleaning of the year and make preparations for the winter. All decorations, tributes, flowers (natural and artificial), pots, baskets and wreaths should be removed by families by October 15th. Articles not removed by this time will be disposed of by Cemetery personnel. Families may leave a shepherd's hook but should remove the arrangement. Christmas Wreaths may be placed after November 15th. We appreciate your assistance. If you need assistance or have questions, contact Neil at (906) 225-0191 Tom at (906) 786-4685 Autumn is a great time to stop in to discuss our available Plot and Columbarium Niches. Also available are our decorating and planting regulations. FALL FESTIVAL St. Rita's Parish Trenary 9/10/17 Sunday Mass 11:00 am Harvest Dinner - 11 am - 4 pm (Featuring Turkey with all the Trimmings & Homemade Pie) Special Games for All Ages Silver Dollar Game Bingo Music by Mary Lynn & Doug Drawing - 4 pm FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Including Massage Therapy GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES KIRKISH FURNITURE Largest stock in the U.P." Restonic Bedding Televisions - RCA - Hitachi - Toshiba Floor Covering Free Delivery in the U.P. 1-800-535-0258 1200 W. MEMORIAL HOUGHTON, MICHIGAN See our electronics department for more specials. BY MARGARET STRIPE SPECIAL TO THE U.P. CATHOLIC Ontonagon native, Cassandra Monville, encountered God in a way that not only impacted her life, but many others as well. After finishing high school, Monville began living in many locations from coast to coast. In 1987 her boyfriend became very ill which led to his death. Monville said she had prayed to God to spare his life and when he didnt she became very angry and held it against God. Her life began to change and in her words, I was a bad girl, a very bad girl! After returning to Ontonagon in 1989, Monville developed many physical problems. Her body was bruised and she could hardly walk, her eyesight was so bad that she could barely see even with glasses, and her skin would literally change color sometimes white, some- times yellow and even a green or blue hue - she was very thin and suffering from Lupus. These problems increased over time, and on a few occasions, doc- tors predicted that she would not live much longer. She knew John Roberts, a life-long member of St. Mary Parish in Rock- land, who was also head of prayer group that met weekly at his home. The group formed after he had attended an Alive in the Spirit conference. Nancy Labyak, a parishioner of Holy Family Parish in Ontonagon, and member of the prayer group since its inception, said she would never miss a meeting. During these meetings, every- one would be given gifts. She explained that some would speak in tongues others would interpret what was said, others would receive the gift of prophecy and together they would pray for one person or another to be healed. Roberts knew about Monvilles health problems and invited her to the prayer meeting. It took several invitations for her to decide to go. She was asked if she wanted them to pray over her, she was hesitant at first. I was sick and didn't care anymore, said Monville. She looked closer to death than life, said Roberts. At Rob- erts insistence and persistence, Monville final- ly agreed to be prayed over. Roberts told her that she might drop to the floor as many oth- ers had. Mon- ville said she was scared but agreed. During one of the meetings, with those present holding hands, praying, and talking in tongues, Monville dropped to the floor. The pain she felt was gone, her bruises were gone, she was able to see without glasses and she felt full of joy and was happy. I knew God had interceded, she said. This happened three different times but the healing that she would initially feel would not stay and the physical problems would return. She finally admitted the problem was that her behavior had not changed. But, when she finally accepted and acknowledged the fact that she was a sinner, her life changed. One night after she admitted that to herself and others, she was being prayed over by the group. Once again, she dropped to the floor, but this time she couldnt move. She described it as a heavy weight that had her pinned to the floor. I have no idea how long I was there, she said, but it felt like a life time. Roberts and the others prayed over her for several minutes as Monville lay pinned to the floor. Suddenly, she felt as if something was released and she immediately felt light. The heaviness was completely gone and she was able to get up. The pain was gone, all her physical problems were gone, she never felt better in her life and they have never returned. When I joined the prayer group I didnt know if I believed in God or not, but I do now, Monville said. It changed my life, she said and it has had lasting effects. So much so that she received the sacrament of reconciliation again after 40 years. I can only describe the group as being peaceful, she said. Those people cared and not only shared their faith, they lived it. I always wanted to know about God but no one talked about it, she explained. This group was different. Everyone spoke from a spiritual stand- point, said Roberts, and shared what they felt and experienced. The prayer group dissolved in 2000 because there were not enough younger people to carry it on. I still miss the prayer group, said Monville. It made such a difference in my life that I wanted others to be able to experience what I did and to be able to learn about their faith and share it! She said she does just that in helping others, especially young people who come to her with their problems. They sense her concern and knowing her background she can help them in making good choices. Ontonagon woman rediscovers God through prayer group COURTESY PHOTO John Roberts' invitation for Cassandra Monville to attend a prayer group in Ontanogon, aided Monville in finding her faith again. Find us on facebook! Visit www.facebook.com/ theupcatholic

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