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6 September 1, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC www.upcatholic.org Victims Assistance Coordinators bsf bwbjmbcmf up ifmq uiptf xip ibwf cffo ibsnfe uispvhi uif ejggjdvmu boe tpnfujnft qbjogvm qspdftt pg ifbmjoh boe ipqf How to begin the process ... Dbmm pof pg uif Wjdujnt Bttjtubodf Dppsejobupst Stephen Lynott at (844) 495-4330 Diane Tryan at (844) 694-4362 or write: Victims Assistance Coordinator d p Dbuipmjd Tpdjbm Tfswjdft pg uif VQ 1100 Ludington St. Suite 401 Escanaba MI 49829 Qmfbtf nbsl uif mfuufs Qfstpobm boe Dpogjefoujbm boe joejdbuf jo zpvs mfuufs ipx zpv xjti up cf dpoubdufe cz qipof ps cz mfuufs We always encourage you to report the incident to local civil authorities. The Diocese of Marquette reports all allegations to the appropriate civil authorities. Jg zpv lopx pg bo jodjefou pg uif tfyvbm bcvtf pg b njops cz bozpof jo Divsdi tfswjdf jodmvejoh b nfncfs pg uif dmfshz b sfmjhjpvt b mbz fnqmpzff ps wpmvouffs xf fodpvsbhf zpv up dpnf gpsxbse tp uibu xf dbo ublf bdujpo up qspufdu puifst boe ifmq uiptf xip ibwf cffo ibsnfe up gjoe ifbmjoh We are open to and respect your complaint; you are important. We want to make this process as safe as possible. ATTENTION SNOW BIRDS! Don't forget to take The U.P. Catholic Newspaper with you when you fly off this year. Call Wendy at (906) 227-9104 or email wnegri@dioceseofmarquette.org with your winter address and the dates you want the newspaper to be forwarded. We will send it to that address without any additional charge to you or your parishfamily. Have a safe trip and we'll look forward to your return in the spring. Lumen Christi nominee recognized COURTESY PHOTO For being a Lumen Christi nominee, Mike Malnar (left) accepts a check for $1,000 from Catholic Extension on behalf of Alpha Omega House in Iron Mountain presented by Kyle Rambo, executive director of Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula. Mike Malnar was honored with a nomination for Catholic Extensions 2017 Lumen Christi Award. The award recognizes individuals who demonstrate overwhelming dedication and commitment to helping others in need. Malnar manages Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsulas Alpha Omega House, a recovery and re-entry facility for recently incarcerated men. He helps provide an array of services for those suffering from addiction. Malnar coordinates numerous resources in- cluding professional counselors, attending peer support groups and joining a faith community in the area. Alpha Omega helps maintain stable factors in peoples lives to play a more enduring role in assisting people's recovery efforts. It provides an environment based on mutual dignity and respect, promoting well-being, and encourag- ing positive social contribution through faith. To learn more about Catholic Social Services, visit www.cssup.org. U.S. bishops create ad hoc committee against racism By Matt Hadro CNA/EWTN News In the wake of the recent white nationalist ral- ly in Charlottesville, Va., the U.S. bishops have announced that they are establishing a new Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism. Recent events have exposed the extent to which the sin of racism continues to inflict our nation, said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Gal- veston-Houston, president of the U.S. bishops conference, on Wednesday. Marches by hate groups such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis are outrageous to the sensible mind and directly challenge the dignity of human life. It is time for us to recommit ourselves to eradicating racism, he said in his statement, In His Image, upon the establishment of the committee. Bishop George V. Murry, SJ, of Youngstown, Ohio, will chair the new committee, which will focus on galvanizing the Church and society to fight the evil of racism and minister to its victims. It will also focus on engaging racism within the Church. Through Jesus example of love and mercy, we are called to be a better people than what we have witnessed over the past weeks and months as a nation, Bishop Murry said. Through listening, prayer and meaningful collaboration, I'm hopeful we can find lasting solutions and common ground where racism will no longer ind a place in our hearts or in our society. In a press conference on the new committee, Bishop Murry described racism as the original sin of the United States, and a problem that remains cancerous for the country even today. In recent years, our divisions have worsened. Hatred is more evident, and becoming more mainstream, he said. It has targeted Afri- can-Americans and other people of color, Jew- ish people, immigrants, and others. Our ability to face our problems together, with a common aim, has waned. For those who have been watching even with passing interest, it should be plain to see why we need a concerted effort at this moment. The times demand it. The Gospel demands it, he said. The new committee will work together with other committees at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Murry said, to pro- mote the Churchs message of human dignity against racism at the local levels. Read Bishop Doerfler's pastoral letter on evangelization! Visit www.dioceseofmarquette.org/bishop

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