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BY JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC We have to encounter peo- ple where theyre at, and go with them from there, said Father Ryan Moravitz during the Diocesan Evangelization Summit. A temptation that we face in evangelization and the Church is when people stop coming to church, we have a temptation of asking, Whats wrong with them? Why dont they get it? On some levels thats a legitimate question. But, we also have to have the humility to look at ourselves and say, maybe we arent doing something quite as good as we could be. Father Moravitz presented at the Diocesan Evangeliza- tion Summit, held on Aug. 27 at St. Peter Cathedral. The event attracted over 100 priests, deacons, women religious and lay people of a variety of ecclesial move- ments around the diocese. He challenged participants that at the heart of evangelization everyone must look inside themselves. Father Moravitz invited participants to look at their parishes, communities, and organizations and reflect by asking three key questions: How are we doing Sunday? Whose needs are being met? Do we get stuck in the weeds or lost in the clouds too often? We have to look inside of what were doing and tell ourselves that we could be doing a better job. Its a tough question to answer. Its tough to face it sometimes because we have to admit when we havent done something well. HOW ARE WE DOING SUNDAY? The first question to re- lect on according to Father Moravitz is, How are we doing Sunday? He explained that, the reality is that some people dont come to Mass because were not doing Sun- day well. We have to have the humility to be able to grow, adjust and adapt. He stressed that its not just about Mass why people arent coming on Sunday, it also has to do with the church from the building structure, the greet- ers, and who they sit next to during Mass. He added, How are we communicating and reaching out to them? When they walk into the door of our church on Sunday, whats their experience? We have to be willing to ask them. WHOSE NEEDS ARE BEING MET? Father Moravitz challenged the crowd that each person has to look at what theyre doing and be honest in evalu- ating. We have to have the hu- mility to say this isnt about me. Evangelization is about sharing Jesus Christ with others, its about others, not ourselves. He added that when each of us turns our hearts to others, we in return receive Jesus in a different way. When I focus on it being about others, I get to expe- rience Jesus in a whole new way. It leads me even more to what I was previously doing. DO WE GET STUCK IN THE WEEDS OR LOST IN THE CLOUDS? Do I get stuck in the weeds of programming, rules and requirements? Or, do I get too lost in the clouds sometimes of dreaming? We have to ask ourselves, do I get dragged in the weeds too often? Or, am I floating on cloud nine too much? Father Moravtiz explained that being in the weeds or in clouds once in a while is acceptable, but its when one fets stuck in either too often. As he said, were here in the present, thats where the people are. Father Moravitz invited participants to not only ask themselves these questions, but also to bring them to their parishes, parish groups and organizations so that everyone is focused on the same thing. Sometimes these questions arent going to be easy to answer, and thats good. But, if Im not willing to ask them because it's too difficult, or maybe its going to hurt, then fo sit with the Lord in the Eucharist. Spend some time just looking a crucifix. Have the humility and willingness to go there. Father Moravitz a pastor and vocations director for the Diocese of Duluth. 10 September 16, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC EVANGELIZATION SUMMIT www.upcatholic.org JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC Father Ryan Moravitz speaks during the Diocesan Evangelization Sum- mit held at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette last month. Holy Cross Cemetery Escanaba & Marquette Fall Notification Each year, in order to beautify our cemetery, our grounds and maintenance crews perform the final cleaning of the year and make preparations for the winter. All decorations, tributes, flowers (natural and artificial), pots, baskets and wreaths should be removed by families by October 15th. Articles not removed by this time will be disposed of by Cemetery personnel. Families may leave a shepherd's hook but should remove the arrangement. Christmas Wreaths may be placed after November 15th. We appreciate your assistance. If you need assistance or have questions, contact Neil at (906) 225-0191 Dale at (906) 786-4685 Please pick up a copy of the decorating and planting regulations at the cemetery office. 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