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Couples reflect on their marriages as a vocation The Marquette Diocese and the Knights of Columbus will give special recognition to couples celebrating their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th or 51st and above wedding anniversary anytime during this year. They and their families are invited to the Milestone Wedding Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, October 30th at 2 p.m. (ET) at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette with a meal to follow. Widows and widowers who would have celebrated a milestone anniversary this year are also invited and encour- aged to attend, as are newlywed couples married from September 1, 2015 through October 1, 2016. If you plan to attend, please fill out and return the registration form below as soon as possible so that plans can be finalized. Those celebrating their Golden Anniversary (50th) this year are also asked to include, if possible, a recent photograph for publication in The U. P. Catholic diocesan newspaper. Registration form Deadline: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Last name (if your first and/or last name has an uncommon spelling, or if other people often mispronounce it, please include the phonetic spelling) : __________________________________________________ First names:________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Current parish:______________________________________ __________________________________________________ Parish and town where you were married:_________________ __________________________________________________ Phone/e-mail address:_______________________________ _________________________________________________ Our ____th anniversary is/was/will be on__________, 2016 For newlyweds: We were married on__________, 2015 or 2016 (circle one) I / We will attend this year's celebration: Yes No (circle one) GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY COUPLES ONLY: This information may be published in The U.P. Catholic newspaper (please include a photo if celebrating your Golden Anniversary this year): Yes No (circle one) For widows/widowers wishing to memorialize a deceased spouse: Name of deceased spouse:___________________________ Return to: Charles Crotty, Knights of Columbus 13 Grove Hill Court, Marquette, MI 49855-9444 Call (H) 1-906-226-3460, 1-906-362-3523 Email: cbcrotty@chartermi.net Annual Milestone Wedding Anniversary Celebration set for Sunday, October 30, 2016 DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Hedy & Steve Yanni Married: 23 years Parish: Holy Name of Mary, Sault Ste. Marie Children: Brandon (diocesan seminarian), Caleb, and Rachel Marriage as a vocation: We have had the example of the Holy Family and the examples provided to us by our parents to help us establish where Christ fits in our own family. In our marriage, we have faced good, difficult, happy, and sad times, but through each, we have made it by placing God first. We have developed an understanding that our marriage is about more than the two of us; there are obligations that come with the territory - it is not always easy to think of everyone else first - but always worth it. Experiencing the selfless witness of our priests, parents, and friends reminds us that we all have a vocation; thankfully, we have each other to share the journey. Instilling the faith: We have tried to support our children without overwhelming them with senseless interference; a faith that is tested and explored personally is more likely to last than a faith that is carried out through a sense of duty or to satisfy external expectations. Brandon has always understood that he must develop his own relationship with Christ - hopefully we provided a good introduction. Michelle & Paul Chartier Married: 21 years Parish: St. Barbara, Vulcan Children: Paige and Matthew (diocesan seminarian) Marriage as a vocation: We were married outside of the Church, but through the help of family, friends and Father Tim Ekaitis we were able to have our marriage blessed. It was important to us to make our marriage Gods. Marriage is a vocation that we share with each other. It's not always easy and we need to work at it every day. The one thing we enjoy and has helped us is attending Mass together. Being able to pray togeth- er and receiving Jesus is very important to us. Instilling the faith: We have raised our children in the Catholic faith and are very proud of their many accomplishments, they are altar servers, sing in the choir, and help with faith formation. Because our family has been very close, Matthew was able to talk to us about his vocation choice. He always has had our full support and was able to speak to us openly. We have asked others to support his choice to go directly to the seminary. Matthew is able to teach us some of the things he has learned at the seminary and we enjoy talking to him about these things. Cathy & Harold Flagstadt Married: 41 years Parish: Holy Family, Gladstone Children: Joseph, Peter (deceased), Andrew, Adam, and Christian (diocesan seminarian). Seven grandchildren, with one on the way. Marriage as a vocation: We both had wonderful parents that were role models. Through the sacraments we receive that grace, and we want that for our children and grandchil- dren. These show us how much God loves us, and that this is a life long journey. We know how important prayer is and have passed that onto our children. Instilling the faith: We feel the importance to attend Mass on weekends, weekdays, Holy Days, Holy week, etc. so our children would learn more about what happens in their faith. Being involved in the Church from a young age, Christian has experienced many times sharing a meal in our home with our parish priest. We have suggested a variety of careers to look at, and hes had a lot of people ask him if he ever thought of being a priest. We told him we would support him in whatever vocation God is calling him too. When Christian was young, we would come home from Sunday Mass and he would set up the living room and play Mass all over again. He would process in with the book, singing, readings, the whole Mass. C T i v w h e C t d l p The Diocese of Marquette currently has 10 men studying for the priesthood as seminarians. For many of them, a large part of their vocation was influenced by their parents. Recently, a few parents shared how they live out their marriage as a vocation, and how theyve instilled the faith into their children. 16 September 16, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC VOCATING www.upcatholic.org

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