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4 September 16, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC www.upcatholic.org BY MARY REZAC CNA/EWTN NEWS It used to be that the only people speaking out against pornography were those who opposed it because of its moral depravity namely, people of faith. Apart from that, pornography was considered a normal, if even healthy part of everyday life. But as the smartphone boom made the inter- net and therefore pornography available at most everyone's fingertips, secular groups and individuals are increasingly speaking out against pornographys harmful and addictive properties. Former Playboy cover model Pamela Ander- son (featured 15 times) co-authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, declaring pornography a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness. Anderson is not the first celebrity to use her platform to speak out against the problem of pornography. British comedian Russel Brand, actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rashida Jones, and former NFL player and Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews are just some of the celebrities that have recently spoken out against pornography, its addictive properties and its harmful effects on relationships. Earlier this year, the GOP at the Republican National Convention declared pornography a public health crisis as part of its platform, a few months after the state of Utah declared the same. While the debate over what exactly constitutes a public health crisis continues, research already shows the staggering increase in pornography viewing, as well as many harmful effects of pornography use including decreased gray mat- ter in the brain, having more sexual partners and the perpetuation of rape myths, such as the belief that most rape accusations are false. Pornography can also contribute to increasingly violent sexual behaviors, and a decrease in virili- ty, causes for alarm regardless of ones faith. In April, TIME Magazines Belinda Luscombe published an extensive piece entitled Porn and the Threat to Virility including interviews with many young men who blamed their inability to be aroused by real women on their addictions to pornography. In the piece, Luscombe wrote: A growing number of young men are con- vinced that their [physical, in-person] sexual responses have been sabotaged because their brains were virtually marinated in porn when they were adolescents. Their generation has consumed explicit content in quantities and varieties never before possible, on devices designed to deliver content swiftly and private- ly, all at an age when their brains were more plasticmore prone to permanent changethan in later life. These young men feel like unwitting fuinea pigs in a largely unmonitored de- cade-long experiment in sexual conditioning. So theyre beginning to push back, creating online community groups, smartphone apps and educational videos to help men quit porn. They have started blogs and podcasts and take all the public-speaking gigs they can get. Porn has always faced criticism among the faithful and the feminists. But now, for the first time, some of the most strident alarms are coming from the same demographic as its most enthusi- astic customers, she added. Fight the New Drug (FTND), so named be- cause of porns addictive properties, is another secular movement that aims to raise awareness of pornographys effects on the brain, the heart (relationships), and ultimately on the world. In a previous interview with CNA last year, FTNDs Clay Olsen said that sometimes it takes a while for societys views to catch up to the science thats already out there. Were very excited to see some of this prog- ress and some of these mainstream media outlets kind of following suit and starting to talk about the negative impacts, we couldnt be more excited about it, but we still have a long way ahead of us. Victims Assistance Coordinators bsf bwbjmbcmf up ifmq uiptf xip ibwf cffo ibsnfe uispvhi uif ejggjdvmu boe tpnfujnft qbjogvm qspdftt pg ifbmjoh boe ipqf How to begin the process ... Dbmm pof pg uif Wjdujnt Bttjtubodf Dppsejobupst Stephen Lynott at (844) 495-4330 Diane Tryan at (844) 694-4362 or write: Victims Assistance Coordinator d p Dbuipmjd Tpdjbm Tfswjdft pg uif VQ 1100 Ludington St. Suite 401 Escanaba MI 49829 Qmfbtf nbsl uif mfuufs Qfstpobm boe Dpogjefoujbm boe joejdbuf jo zpvs mfuufs ipx zpv xjti up cf dpoubdufe cz qipof ps cz mfuufs We always encourage you to report the incident to local civil authorities. The Diocese of Marquette reports all allegations to the appropriate civil authorities. Jg zpv lopx pg bo jodjefou pg uif tfyvbm bcvtf pg b njops cz bozpof jo Divsdi tfswjdf jodmvejoh b nfncfs pg uif dmfshz b sfmjhjpvt b mbz fnqmpzff ps wpmvouffs xf fodpvsbhf zpv up dpnf gpsxbse tp uibu xf dbo ublf bdujpo up qspufdu puifst boe ifmq uiptf xip ibwf cffo ibsnfe up gjoe ifbmjoh We are open to and respect your complaint; you are important. We want to make this process as safe as possible. ATTENTION SNOW BIRDS! Don't forget to take The U.P. Catholic Newspaper with you when you fly off this year. Call Wendy at (906) 227-9104 or email wnegri@dioceseofmarquette.org with your winter address and the dates you want the newspaper to be forwarded. We will send it to that address without any additional charge to you or your parish family. Have a safe trip and we'll look forward to your return in the spring. You don't have to be religious to be opposed to porn PHOTOS COURTESY OF WAKEFIELD NEWS/BESSEMER PICK & AXE Bishop John Doerfler installs Father Dominic Agyapong as pastor of St. Sebastian Parish in Bessemer on Saturday, Aug. 20. Father Agyapong is also pastor of St. Catherine Mission in Marenisco and Immaculate Conception Parish in Wakefield. Father Agyapong is a missionary from Ghana serving in the diocese. Bishop Doerfler installs Father Agyapong as pastor Morning Offering O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer You my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day for all the inten- tions of Your Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sins, for the inten- tions of all my relatives and friends, and in par- ticular for the intentions of the Holy Father. Amen. Read more: http://www.ewtn.com/

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