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BY LOREENE ZENO KOSKEY THE U.P. CATHOLIC Echoing the theme of Pope Francis visit to the United States last fall, Love is our Mission, Diocese of Mar- quette officials aptly chose Love Powers our Mission for this year's Upper Penin- sula Catholic Services Appeal (UPCSA) theme. The 2016-2017 UPCSA foal in the diocesan budget is $1,808,711 (see page 7), which is up just one percent over the previous year. Tim Thomas, the diocesan direc- tor of administration and inance, said, We were happy to be able to present a modest increase while managing to maintain the outstanding ser- vices we provide that change many lives. The diocesan UPCSA goal is combined with the Parish As- sessment for Catholic Schools to determine each parishs and missions individual UPCSA goal. Parishioners are asked to contribute to the appeal. Parishes that exceed their foal in donations from pa- rishioners receive a rebate for the additional funds collect- ed. Parishes that fall short of their goal in donations pay the shortage out of their op- erating budgets. A new initia- tive in the diocese is expected to help parishes and missions meet and exceed their UPCSA foal (see article in the Aug. 19 issue at www.upcatholic.org). One area in the dioce- san budget that is seeing an increase in expenses is family ministry. The Holy Father and bishops of the state of Michigan have had an ongoing focus on strength- ening the family, so Bishop John (Doerfler) wanted to respond to that, explained Greg Gostomski, the diocesan director of youth, young adult and family ministry. The roll out of family min- istry in the diocese will begin with the training of mentor couples to prepare engaged couples for marriage. Bishop Doerfler noted, In his letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul speaks of the sacred character of marriage. It is a great mystery, a sacrament. Marriages radiate Gods love in the world. As we look for- ward to training mentor cou- ples to foster strong marriag- es, we are helping Gods love to shine even more brightly in the world. In starting this initiative, the bishop is actually im- plementing Pope Francis apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), which was the outcome of the Synod of Bishops on the family. In that document, the pope states, The Synod Fathers observed that the initial years of marriage are a vital and sensitive period during which couples become more aware of the challeng- es and meaning of married life. Consequently, pastoral accompaniment needs to go beyond the actual celebration of the sacrament (Familiaris Consortio, Part III). In this regard, experienced couples have an important role to play. The parish is a place where such experienced couples can help younger couples (Amoris Laetitia, 223) Thus, pastors throughout the U.P. have been asked to recommend married cou- ples in their parishes who they think would make good mentor couples. Training will be provided to these men and women, it is hoped by the www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC UPCSA September 16, 2016 7 DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE ANNUAL BUDGET 2015-2016 2016-2017 EXPENSE: FAITH FORMATION AND EDUCATION Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministry $59,587 $78,836 Catechesis and Adult Faith Formation 91,748 94,748 Catholic Schools 565,098 560,213 SUBTOTAL 716,433 733,797 VOCATIONS AND PASTORAL OUTREACH Ongoing Formation of Clergy 62,308 68,607 Education of Seminarians 263,679 263,508 Divine Worship and Sacred Music 58,737 62,662 Vocation Services 27,028 31,591 Canonical Assistance to the Diocese 24,782 30,978 Tribunal Services 48,554 52,377 Infirm Priests' Fund 33,000 33,000 Ministry Personnel Services 109,568 99,496 Safe Environment Ministry 45,777 21,267 SUBTOTAL 673,433 663,486 EVANGELIZATION Campus Ministry - N.M.U. & L.S.S.U. 65,211 66,515 Marygrove Retreat Center 18,566 18,927 Native American/Other Ministries 75,000 75,000 Panama Missions 10,000 10,000 Charitable Donations and Services 31,000 30,283 The U.P. Catholic Newspaper 108,185 119,949 1 Pastoral Outreach of the U.S. Bishops 18,433 19,426 Ministry to the Holy Father 20,000 20,000 Ministry of the Bishop 148,266 156,896 Office of Communications and Social Media 67,707 69,864 SUBTOTAL 562,368 586,860 CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES 329,000 335,580 2 DIOCESAN ADMINISTRATION & SUPPORT Development Services 86,396 76,453 Financial Services 436,228 458,861 UPCSA Campaign Services 125,444 131,306 Diocesan Archives 62,026 51,757 Capital Expenditures 94,975 76,369 SUBTOTAL 805,069 794,746 TOTAL EXPENSE $3,086,303 $3,114,469 2015-2016 2016-2017 REVENUE: UPCSA GOAL $1,790,803 $1,808,711 Parish Assessment for Catholic Schools 270,000 260,000 Investment Income 739,500 783,008 3 Diocesan Catholic School Endowment 70,000 80,000 Trust and Grant Income 126,000 102,750 Donations 75,000 65,000 Other 15,000 15,000 TOTAL REVENUE $3,086,303 $3,114,469 1 U.P. Catholic Newspaper (UPC) subsidy reflects only the portion of its budget which is funded by diocesan investment Income. UPC total budget includes an additional $204,152 of revenues from par- ish subscriptions, advertising, grants and other sources. 2 Catholic Social Services of the UP (CSS) amount reflects only the portion of their budget which is funded by UPCSA. CSS total budget includes an additional $943,920 of revenues from counseling, adoption, United Way and other sources. 3 Investment Income is budgeted using a 5 year weighted average at a 5% spending level. UPCSA funds new family ministry initiative SEE UPCSA, PAGE 8

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