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Marygrove Retreat Cen- ter, owned and operated by the Diocese of Marquette, is located on the Garden Pen- insula. The retreat center sits on 40 acres of wooded land, which offers a quiet and peaceful place to retreat to, both inside and out. Out- doors, retreat participants can find the Stations of the Cross and the grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The grotto sits among the pine and cedar trees, or Marys grove, which inspires the name of the center. Within the walls of Marygrove includes a chap- el and adoration chapel, a lounge to meet, read and re- lect, a conference room and a dining area. In addition, there are 36 single and double fur- nished rooms. The cost of a weekend re- treat per person is $150 and per married couple is $250, unless otherwise noted. For more information, to regis- ter for a retreat, or for a full schedule of retreats, call the center at (906) 644-2771, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET or visit www.marygrove.org online. The following are a selection of upcoming retreats avail- able at Marygrove: RETROUVAILLE WEEKEND: FOR TROUBLED MARRIAGES Sept. 29-Oct. 1 Retrouvaille is a weekend program for deeply troubled marriages. If you are sepa- rated, considering divorce, or experiencing other serious problems in your marriage, Retrouvaille may be able to assist you. The weekend is led by a priest and three cou- ples who present their stories of troubled marriages, and eventual healing. Participat- ing couples are given tech- niques that may assist them to see their spouses in a new light, and to begin on a path to rebuild and restore their marriage. The weekend is not a miracle cure. Post-weekend sessions have also been de- signed to continue the mar- riage renewal that began on the weekend. The post-week- end sessions, the techniques learned on the weekend are further developed and used to explore additional areas of the marriage relationship. For more information on Retrou- vaille, visit www.retrouvaille. org or call, 1-800-470-2230. SILENT DIRECTED RETREATS Eight-day: Oct. 8-15; Three-day: Dec. 8-10 A silent directed retreat is a concentrated guided expe- rience of God in prayer. With very few exceptions, there is no talking during the retreat, including meals. Participants live by a different set of rules to bring rest and peace, and heighten the individuals awareness of Gods presence. During a silent retreat daily Mass, morning and evening prayer in community, oppor- tunities for confession and daily meetings with a spiritu- al director are offered. The fee for the Eight-Day retreat is $375 per person, and $150 for a three-day retreat. The three-day re- treat is designed for those who wish to get their feet wet before making a longer silent directed retreat. Marygrove also has additional six-day retreats in the winter and ear- ly summer, and a three-day retreat in the early spring. THE WISE WOMEN WEEKEND Nov. 10-12 The history of faith is filled with women of vision and spirit. This includes the women of the Old Testament, disciples of Jesus, saints, leaders and servants of today. This retreat invites all Chris- tian women who have heard the call to a deeper relation- ship with Christ to join for a weekend of prayer, growth and friendship. Sister Ellen Enright will lead the retreat. THE WISE MEN WEEKEND Dec. 1-3 What is a real man? It is the man who puts God first, and allows his faith to permeate www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC RETREATS & SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS September 22, 2017 13 COMPANIONS OF CHRIST THE LAMB (CCL) RETREAT CENTER A NATURAL SETTING TO FIND SILENCE, PRAYER AND PEACE The Companions of Christ the Lamb (CCL) offers a variety of rustic retreat opportunities: Hermitage (meals provided) Remote hermitage Solo wilderness camping Also... Group and Winter (via snowmobile) available by special arrangement Features and Information: CCL is under the Diocese of Marquette Retreat Center located nearby in Paradise, Michigan 1120 wooded acres with many trails and shrines Many picturesque campsites on the Betsy River Daily Mass available in a spacious log chapel Priest available for confession and direction Non-Catholic retreatants welcome No electricity, radio, TV Regular retreat season from May 1 to Nov. 15 To contact us, call (or write) Chuck and Kathy Roelant (coordinators) P.O. Box 12, Paradise MI, 49768 Phone: 906-492-3815 Turning to Nature, escaping for a while the pressing and sometimes obsessive rhythm of the city, allows you to listen to that ancient and always new language which, by way of beauty, brings one to the threshold of mystery. Oh, if we could only make enough silence around and within us to listen to that language and let it speak to our hearts. - Pope John Paul II Marygrove Retreat Center offers something for everyone JAMIE GUALDONI THE U.P. CATHOLIC The grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary sits among the 40 acres of wooded land, or Mary's grove, the namesake of Marygrove Retreat Center. SEE MARYGROVE, PAGE 14

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