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LOVING FATHER, MASTER OF THE HARVEST; PLEASE SEND MORE LABORERS TO WORK IN YOUR VINEYARD. AMEN. www.dioceseofmarquette.org/vocations HOW DID GOD CALL CHRISTIAN? God called me in many ways. He called me in prayer, through the encouragement of others and by not letting me settle for anything less then what he truly asks of me." BY ELISE HARRIS CNA/EWTN NEWS (Sept. 12, 2017) After more than 18 months of questions and uncertainty regarding the fate of Father Tom Uzhun- nalil following his abduction by militants in Yemen, the priest has finally been set free and is on his way home to Kerala, India. Thenewswasicially announced by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in a Sept. 12 tweet that read: I am happy to inform that Father Tom Uzhunnalil has been rescued. Father Tom, a Salesian missionary, first garnered the worlds attention when he was kidnapped March 4, 2016, during an attack on a Missionaries of Charity home in Aden, Yemen, that left 16 people dead, including four religious sisters. His international profile grew when false rumors spread that he was to be crucified on Good Friday. It is still unclear exactly which group is responsible for Father Toms abduction. Many unconfirmed reports claim that ISIS was responsible. According to the state-run Oman News Agency, Father Toms release was se- cured by Oman. Father Tom offered thanks to God and to Sultan Qabbos bin Said of Oman as well as his brothers and sisters and all relatives and friends who called on God for safety and release. The Indian Bishops Conference thanked everyone who had prayed for Father Tom's release. Offering pro- found gratitude to God, the bishops also thankedIndiangovernmenticials- especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister of External Affairs Srimati Sushma Swaraj - for working to obtain Father Toms safety. They further thanked Pope Francis, who took personal interest in Father Toms release efforts, as well as Bishop Paul Hinder of Southern Arabia (whose apos- tolic vicariate serves Catholics in Yemen) and the Sultan of Oman for their efforts. (CNA) - Consuelo del So- corro Crdoba is a Colombian woman who had made up her mind to be euthanized because of a serious illnesses caused by an acid attack she suffered in 2001. But after meeting Pope Fran- cis on Sept. 9 during his trip to the Colombia, she gave up her intention to end her life. The woman suffers from toxoplasmosis, a very serious infection that affects the brain. Speaking to CNN en Espaol she told how she met Pope Francis at the Apostolic Nun- tiature in Bogota. I was the first in line and the irst one he greeted was me. He gave me a hug, she said. Im happy, I told him I was going to get euthanized, to help me, and he told me no, that I was not going to do that. He told me I was very brave and very pretty. Since the attack this woman has undergone 87 operations, but there are still six more to go. This encounter with Pope Francis, she said completely changed her. Now I do want to live and I need the whole world to know. Thanks be to God this miracle could take place, that I could be here, the woman shared. I decided to get euth- anized Sept. 29 but Im not going to get it anymore, she said. Woman meets pope, choses life BY ELISE HARRIS CNA/EWTN NEWS Pope Francis recalled his recent visit to Colombia, saying the desire for peace in the country is proof that the violence of their past doesnt have the last word, but rather, the love and mercy of Christ. Colombia, like most Latin American countries, is a country in which the Chris- tian roots are strong, the pope said just two days after he returned from his Sept. 6-11 visit to the country. And if this fact makes the pain due to the tragedy of the war that has torn it apart even more acute, at the same time it constitutes the guarantee of peace, the solid foundation of its reconstruction, the lifeblood of its invincible hope, he said. Given its recent bloody past, Pope Francis said its evident that the Evil One wanted to divide the people in order to destroy the work of God, but it is equally evident that love of Christ and his infinite mercy is stronger than sin and death. The visit, Pope Francis third tour of South America since his election in 2013, took him to four cities: Bogot, Villavi- cencio, Medelln and Cartagena. Pointing to the theme of the trip, Let us take the first step, he said it refers to the process of reconciliation Colombia is going through after more than 50 years of conflict between the government and guerrilla and paramilitary groups. Colombia, he said, is trying to go out of a half century of internal conflict, which has sown suffering and enmities, causing manywoundsthatarediculttoheal. However, he said that with the help of God the path is now underway, adding that during his visit he wanted to bless the effort of that people, confirm them in faith and in hope, and receive their testi- mony, which is a richness for my ministry and for the entire Church. The day in Villavicencio included a large gathering for national reconciliation and a Mass in which the pope beatified the two modern martyrs Bishop Jess Emilio Jaramillo Monsalve and Father Mara Ramrez Ramos. The two martyrs, he said, was a re- minder that peace is founded also and above all on the blood of the many wit- nesses of love, truth, justice and even the true and real martyrs killed for the faith, like the two mentioned. Father Tom Uzhunnalil Salesian missionary priest freed after 18 months Colombia is proof that love is stronger than death EDUARDO BERDEJO CNA Pope Francis is greeted by children upon his arrival in Bogota, Colombia from Rome for his papal trip to the country on Sept. 6, 2017.

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