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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC UPCSA September 22, 2017 7 Outreach umbrella is Safe Environment training to keep our children safe from sex- ual abuse. Each year 14 awareness sessions are offered across the diocese to train new priests, deacons, women religious, seminarians, employees and volunteers who have regu- lar contact with children and/or youth. In addi- tion, each must pass a background check every three years. The phrase, We dont serve people because they are Catholic, we serve people because we are Catholic is exemplified by the work of Catholic Social Services. Programs offered by CSS in the diocese include child foster care, adoption, coun- seling and support to those returning to society from prison. The UPCSA goal in the diocesan budget this year compared to last year is as flat as one can get. There was no increase in the overall goal this year. Budgeted expens- es are up from $3,114,469 to $3,180,758. Although trust and grant income will be down, an expected bump in investment in- come derived through a five-year weighted average makes up the difference. One happy increase in expenses in in the education of seminarians. With a growth in the number of seminarians studying for the priesthood, from 10 to 11, and additional costs of advanced studies, the budget had to expand. When announcing the irst UPCSA campaign in 1968, Bishop Salatka said, After consul- tation with many of our lay people and priests, the most practical means of providing the funding appears to be an appeal to all the Catholic people of the Upper Peninsula to share in meeting the costs of our common responsibility. To read Bishop Doerfler's pastoral letter on evangelization, visit www.dioceseofmar- quette.org/bishop/pastoralmessages. To learn more about 50 years of generous parishioners funding the Catholic Church in Upper Michigan through UPCSA, visit www. dioceseofmarquette.org/upcsa. DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE ANNUAL BUDGET 2016-2017 2017-2018 EXPENSE: FAITH FORMATION AND EDUCATION Youth, Young Adult and Family Ministry $78,836 $78,125 Catechesis and Adult Faith Formation 94,748 94,740 Catholic Schools 560,213 521,250 Subtotal 733,797 694,115 VOCATIONS AND PASTORAL OUTREACH Ongoing Formation of Clergy 68,607 68,488 Education of Seminarians 263,508 293,968 Divine Worship and Sacred Music 62,662 64,773 Vocation Services 31,591 29,361 Canonical Assistance to the Diocese 30,978 31,028 Tribunal Services 52,377 57,118 Infirm Priests' Fund 33,000 15,000 Ministry Personnel Services 99,496 170,097 Safe Environment Ministry 21,267 33,263 Subtotal 663,486 763,096 EVANGELIZATION Campus Ministry - N.M.U. & L.S.S.U. 66,515 66,515 Native American/Other Ministries 75,000 75,000 Panama Missions 10,000 10,000 Charitable Donations and Services 49,210 23,000 U.P. Catholic Newspaper 119,949 119,931 1 Pastoral Outreach of the U.S. Bishops 19,426 19,913 Ministry to the Holy Father 20,000 20,000 Ministry of the Bishop 156,896 156,736 Office of Communications and Social Media 69,864 69,806 Subtotal 586,860 560,901 CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES 335,580 335,580 2 DIOCESAN ADMINISTRATION & SUPPORT Development Services 76,453 134,381 Financial Services 458,861 457,979 UPCSA Campaign Services 131,306 135,609 Diocesan Archives 51,757 17,597 Capital Expenditures 76,369 81,500 Subtotal 794,746 827,066 TOTAL EXPENSE* $3,114,469 $3,180,758 2016-2017 2017-2018 REVENUE: UPCSA GOAL $1,808,711 $1,808,711 Parish Assessment for Catholic Schools 260,000 260,000 Investment Income 783,008 872,047 3 Diocesan Catholic School Endowment 80,000 80,000 Trust and Grant Income 102,750 80,000 Donations 65,000 65,000 Other 15,000 15,000 TOTAL REVENUE $3,114,469 $3,180,758 1 U.P. Catholic Newspaper (UPC) subsidy reflects only the portion of their budget which is funded by diocesan investment Income. UPC total budget includes an additional $204,152 of revenues from parish subscriptions, advertising, grants and other sources. 2 Catholic Social Services of the UP (CSS) amount reflects only the portion of their budget which is funded by UPCSA. CSS total bud- get includes an additional $943,920 of revenues from counseling, adoption, United Way and other sources. 3 Investment Income is budgeted using a 5 year weighted average at a 5% spending level. *Depreciation expense is approximately $150,000 and is not includ- ed in the total expense. UPCSA: Works beyond parish walls What UPCSA supports Evangelization Vocations and Pastoral Outreach Faith Formation and Education Catholic Social Services FROM PAGE 6

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