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16 October 6, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC GOLDEN AGE www.upcatholic.org COMPARING CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES TO CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT DECIDING BETWEEN A BANK CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT AND A CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY IS AN EASY DECISION Calculations for illustrative purposes only. Actual benefits may vary. Contact us for a free Charitable Gift Proposal today. Getting started: Contact Terri Gadzinski tgadzinski@ dioceseofmarquette.org (906) 227-9108 I look forward to speaking with you. CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES 75-year-old invests $25,000 in a 2 year CD 75-year-old signs contract for a $25,000 Charitable Gift Annuity Interest Rate: 1.5% for 2 years, must be renewed Income rate: 5.8% for life Interest income after 2 years: $750 Interest income of $750 is taxable Income of $1,450 per year for life $1,107 of the $1,450 is tax free No tax deduction Tax deduction of $11,257.00 (and can be carried over 5 years) May or may not go to charity at the end of life Remainder goes to charity at the end of life A special Memorial Mass will be held at Holy Cross Cemetery Chapel for those who have gone before us. We invite you to join us in this special prayerful remembrance. Thursday, Nov. 2nd Marquette Holy Cross Cemetery Chapel 5:30 P.M. ET ALL SOULS DAY MASS On All Souls Day, we not only remem- ber the dead, but we apply our efforts, through prayer, alms-giving, and the Mass, to their release from Purgatory. Pope Francis says, the old still have a lot to offer BY HANNAH BROCKHAUS CNA/EWTN NEWS In a homily over the summer, Pope Francis said that the older generation should not stop striving in their spir- itual lives, but that God calls them to be spiritual 'grandparents' to young people, who can learn from their expe- riences. "And this is what the Lord today asks us: to be grandparents. To have the vitality to give to young people, because young people expect it from us; to not close ourselves, to give our best: they look for our experience, for our positive dreams to carry on the prophecy and the work." "I ask the Lord for all of us that he give us this grace," In June, Pope Francis said a special Mass in the Pauline Chapel of the Apos- tolic Palace to celebrate the 25th anni- versary of his ordination as an auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires in 1992. The Mass was attended by the cardinals in Rome. For his homily, Francis preached on the day's first reading, which contains the continuation of a dialogue between God and the now elderly Abraham. In this dialogue we hear three imperatives, the Holy Father said: "Get up! Look! Hope!" Abraham, he said, was more or less the same age as those present when God called him. "He was going to go into retirement, in retirement to rest... He started at that age. An old man, with the weight of old age, old age that brings pain, ill- ness.... But you, as if you were a young man, get up, go go!" "And to us to- day the Lord says the same: 'Get up! Look! Hope!' He tells us that it's not time to put our life in closure, not to close our story, not to compile our story. The Lord tells us that our story is open, still: it is open until the end, it is open with a mission. And with these three imperatives tells us the mission: 'Get up! Look! Hope!'" Pope Francis reflected that there are some people who might not want the older people around, maybe calling them a "gerontocracy of the Church." These people don't know what they are saying, he explained: "we're not geriat- rics, we're grandparents." And if we don't understand this, we should pray for the grace to do so, he said. This is because we are "Grandpar- ents to whom our grandchildren look. Grandparents who have to give them a sense of life with our experience. Grandparents not closed in the melan- choly of our story, but open to give this. And for us, this 'get up, look, hope' is called 'dreaming,'" he said. "We are grandparents called to dream and give our dream to today's youth: they need it." DANIEL IBANEZ/CNA Pope Francis embraces an elderly woman during a general audience in August.

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