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6 October 6, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC LEGACY OF FAITH www.upcatholic.org Legacy of Faith grants benefit programs in diocese More than $250,000 in grants has been approved to benefit parishes, missions, Catholic schools and Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula. Bishop John Doerfler ap- proved the current grant awards following recommen- dations from the Legacy of Faith board of directors and grant review committee. In accordance with Legacy of Faith endowment guidelines, half of the grant funds are available for Catholic schools, 30 percent for parish faith for- mation, 10 percent for Catholic Social Services of the U.P. and 10 percent for the Catholic Action Fund, a fund to support new and emerging programs and ministries. Under Bishop Doerfler's lead- ership, grant funding is focused on evangelizing programs and ministries that support his three-fold invita- tion to the people of the Diocese of Marquette to be a friend of Jesus, make a friend, and introduce your friend to Jesus. Each of the nine Catholic schools received a total of $138,875. In consultation with school superintendent, Mark Salisbury, schools are asked to focus the grant funds on efforts that improve school sustainability, including des- ignating 10 percent each year, over a period of years, to enhance curriculum. Fifty-three grants for faith formation pro- grams were approved totaling $82,825. Grants were awarded in all seven vicariates of the diocese, for programs that benefit all age groups. Some grants support individual parish formation programs, while others support multi-parish collaborations and diocesan-wide programs. Some of the grants are supporting tried- and-true Catholic programs, like small group Bible studies, while other grants help parishes to try something new and contemporary, like Awaken Ministry and Alpha, commented Ter- ri Gadzinski, director of Legacy of Faith. Awaken Ministry began in the Archdiocese of Detroit and targets 18-40 year olds with evening programs that include lively worship and praise music, a preached Gospel message and Eucharistic Adoration. Catholics and non-Catholics can attend, all are welcome. The series is being held at St. Mary & St. Joseph Parish in Iron Mountain. The response to Awaken Ministry events in the Iron Mountain area over the summer has been very positive and attendance has been higher than was anticipated. It is clear that the people of this area are hungry for time with Jesus. We are excited to be able to offer these events to bring His presence to people in a way that enlivens all of the senses and can reach the youth and young adult population in a way that is relevant to them, said Katie Schinder- le, the marketing contact for Awaken U.P. Alpha is another newer program that Leg- acy of Faith is funding. An outgrowth of the Amazing Parish conference grants that were previously funded by Legacy of Faith, some parishes are implementing the Alpha program, which is a series of sessions that explore the Christian faith. The Baraga County Catholic Community, under the pastorship of Father Corey Litzner, is transforming Catholics into Sprit-filled evangelizers through Alpha. Everyone can benefit from the power and beauty of Alpha. We all know that having a conversation about faith, life and Jesus can be hard, but it does not have to be. Alpha starts with a fantastic home-cooked meal and then transitions to a space where friends, families, and neighbors are invited to explore the Christian faith and the meaning of life in a way that is relaxed, respectful, and fun. Parishioners are encour- aged to introduce Alpha to their families and friends. It is open to everyone and continues to grow. We have a huge team of volunteers who have been touched by the Holy Spirit to man- age every aspect of Alpha, said Father Litzner. Catholic Social Services of the U.P. received a $27,775 grant to help provide counseling assistance to clients who do not have insur- ance to pay for services or are under-insured. Catholic Social Services ices are located in Marquette, Escanaba and Iron Mountain. For further information about the Founda- tion, including a complete list of grants award- ed, visit www.LegacyOfFaith.net. To view the complete list of approved grants see page 7. COURTESY PHOTO With grant support from Legacy of Faith, a new ministry called "Awak- en" has started in the Iron Mountain area. All are welcome. Visit www. awakenministry.org for the fall schedule. Jeannie Gaffigan's renewed faith in aftermath of brain surgery A trip to the pediatrician with her five kids led Jeannie Gigantodiscovershehadanapple-sizedtumor wrapped around her brain stem. Instead of com- pletely falling apart, she immediately turned to God, saying, You're going to have to guide me through this because I have no idea what I'm doing...and I still have a lot of work to do for You. From that point on, Jeannie moved forward with faith and trust. And it's gotten her to a hopeful place. Jeannie is a Christopher Award-winning writer/produc- er,wifeofcomedianJimGigan,andmothertotheirfive children. As she told me during a recent Christopher Closeup interview, she had been enduring massive headaches and dizzy spells, balance issues, and even hearing loss during the early months of 2017. She wrote the symptoms offas possibly being seasonal allergies. When the pediatrician learned that Jeannie couldn't hear in one ear, she exam- ined her, but couldn't find anything obvious, so she sent her to an ear nose and throat specialist, who also found nothing wrong. That led to an MRI, which revealed the massive tumor. On the positive side, the tumor was benign. But it needed to come out, otherwise she would be left paralyzed. It was April 2017 - Holy Week, to be exact - so Jeannie called her cousin on Long Island who's an absolute prayer warrior to start a prayer chain. Meanwhile, the neurosurgeons Jeannie con- tacted couldn't give her an appointment until May. She called her best friend from childhood, now a neurologist, for advice. After overnighting copies of her brain scans to him, he called and said, You need to get to the operating room as soon as you can. Find the top neurosurgery department in Manhattan and go to the ER at that hospital. Jeannie and Jim headed to Mount Sinai Hospital, but called the ENT to let him know their plan. He instead got them a quick appointment with prominent neurosurgeon Dr. Joshua Bederson. Jeannie said, On Good Friday, I went through a se- ries of MRIs where they mapped out my entire brain and did a virtual surgery on how to deal with the tumor and the nerves surrounding it. Then they said, 'You have Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday with your family. On Monday, you're going to surgery. The nine-hour operation was successful, but recovery came withitsowndiculties.Jeannie'sthroatwasleftparalyzed temporarily, and she needed an oxygen tank to breathe and a feeding tube in her stomach. She also developed life-threaten- ing pneumonia due to another complication. Thankfully, Jeannie has come a long way since then. She said, The healing that I've experienced has been nothing short of a miracle. I've had some of the most powerful spiritual people in the world praying for me. And I've even had people who I thought to be atheists praying for me. I've seen the good side of humanity in a time where I feel that our country is sort of torn apart. I've seen people from every belief system and ev- ery political leaning come out and be good human beings, and I have a renewed sense of the power of intercessory prayer, and a renewed sense of my purpose on earth and for my chil- dren. I had a lot of spiritual encounters with God during those really dark days in the hospital. There's no doubt in my mind that the hand of God was with me every step of the way. For a free copy of the Christopher News Note, THE GOD OF SECOND CHANCES, write: The Christophers, 5 Ha- nover Square, New York, NY 10004; or e-mail: mail@ christophers.org. c b s d t a J i LIGHT ONE CANDLE Tony Rossi, The Christophers

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