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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC LEGACY OF FAITH October 6, 2017 7 Below is a list of Legacy of Faith grants that have been approved for 2017-18. The grants are awarded annually to Catholic schools, parishes, and missions of the Diocese of Marquette, as well as Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula. This year's grants totaled $251,075. To learn more about Legacy of Faith, see the story on page 6. DIOCESAN-WIDE IMPACT DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE: Totus Tuus 2018 (Very Small Parishes), $2,871.48 DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE: Totus Tuus 2018, $24,000 DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE: ACRE Testing - Year 7, $750 DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE: Marriage Program Year 3 - Couples Training, $1,600 CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES: Annual Distribution 2017-18, $27,775 HOLY ROSARY: Catholic Summer Camp, $3,000 PRECIOUS BLOOD: Steubenville Youth Conference 2018, $14,000 ST. MICHAEL: Catholic Campus Ministry Peer Ministry Initiative, $6,000 ST. PETER CATHEDRAL: March for Life 2018, $4,000 HOLY NAME OF MARY VICARIATE ST. MARY SCHOOL, SAULT STE. MARIE: 2017-18 Unrestricted, $15,821.18 MOST HOLY NAME OF JESUS VICARIATE ST. ANN, Baraga: Adult Faith Formation - Hearts Afire Program, $132 RESURRECTION, Hancock: Street Evangelization, $260 RESURRECTION, Hancock: Formed, $112 SACRED HEART OF JESUS, L'Anse: See the See 2017 - Transportation, $200 SACRED HEART OF JESUS, L'Anse: Alpha Course, $535 SACRED HEART SCHOOL, L'Anse: 2017- 18 Unrestricted, $12,767.15 ST. JOHN NEUMANN VICARIATE HOLY REDEEMER, Menominee: Menom- inee Tri-Parish Women's Ministry, $2,500 HOLY REDEEMER, Menominee: Symbol- on: Part I, $250 RESURRECTION, Menominee: Lifeteen & Edge, $1,046 ST. JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC ACADEMY, Menominee: NET Retreat 2018, $555 ST. JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC ACADEMY, Menominee: 2017-18 Unrestricted, $15,421.30 PRECIOUS BLOOD, Stephenson : Youth Encounter at Marygrove, $100 ST. JOSEPH & ST. PATRICK VICARIATE ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON, Bark River: Faith Formation Upgrades, $248.48 ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE, Escanaba: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, $2,325 ST. ANNE, Escanaba: K4J Vacation Bible School, $800 ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE, Escanaba: NET Retreat (Middle School), $555 ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE, Escanaba: Challenge & Conquest Clubs, $750 ST. JOSEPH & ST. PATRICK, Escanaba: Honduras Mission Trip 2018, $500 HOLY NAME CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Escanaba: 2017-18 Unrestricted, $21,093.73 ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, Garden: A Life- long Journey of Conversion, $72.05 ALL SAINTS, Gladstone: Growing with the Saints: Catholic Kidz Camp, $300 ALL SAINTS, Gladstone: Youth Pilgrim- age 2017, $1,400 ST. FRANCIS DE SALES, Manistique: Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom, $450 ST. FRANCIS DE SALES, Manistique: Intergenerational Faith Formation, $250 ST. FRANCIS DE SALES SCHOOL, Manis- tique: 2017-18 Unrestricted, $15,419.76 ST. JOSEPH, Perkins: See the See 2017, $100 ST. JOSEPH, Perkins: Formed, $625 ST. CHARLES BORROMEO, Rapid River: See the See, $100 ST. CHARLES BORROMEO, Rapid River: The Great Adventures Storybook for Families, $149.70 ST. RITA, Trenary: Bishop Baraga Youth Evangelization, $300 ST. RITA, Trenary: Sunday Mass Materi- als, $105 ST. MARY NORWAY VICARIATE ST. ROSE, Channing: Decision Point Confirmation Program, $75.94 GUARDIAN ANGELS, Crystal Falls: CCD Program Resources, $275 ST. MARY & ST. JOSEPH, Iron Mountain: Family Formation, $550 BISHOP BARAGA CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Iron Mountain: NET Retreat 2017 (Middle School), $555 BISHOP BARAGA CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Iron Mountain: 2017-18 Unrestricted, $14,965.93 ST. MARY QUEEN OF PEACE, Kingsford: Awaken Ministry, $3,000 ST. MARY, Norway: Adult & Student Faith Formation, $300 HOLY SPIRIT SCHOOL, Norway: 2017-18 Unrestricted, $13,729.51 ST. MARY ROCKLAND VICARIATE ST. SEBASTIAN, Bessemer: Formed, $1,000 ST. SEBASTIAN, Bessemer: NET Retreat 2017, $555 OUR LADY OF PEACE, Ironwood: The Word Among Us Magazine, $892 OUR LADY OF PEACE, Ironwood: Find- ing God, $300 ALL SAINTS ACADEMY, Ironwood: 2017- 18 Unrestricted, $11,780.36 ST. PETER CATHEDRAL VICARIATE ST. ANTHONY, Gwinn: Bishop Baraga Pilgrimage, $500 ST. ANTHONY, Gwinn: Formed, $550 ST. JOSEPH, Ishpeming: Sacred Liturgy Formation Program, $1,112.35 ST. LOUIS THE KING, Marquette: Sacra- ment Preparation, $187.50 ST. LOUIS THE KING, Marquette: NET Retreat 2017, $555 ST. MICHAEL, Marquette: Formed, $1,000 ST. PETER CATHEDRAL, Marquette: Library Resources, $600 ST. PETER CATHEDRAL, Marquette: Magnifikid 2018, $475 ST. MICHAEL, Marquette: Women's & Men's Days of Reflection, $1,000 FATHER MARQUETTE CATHOLIC ACADEMY, Marquette: 2017-18 Unre- stricted, $17,876.30 We encourage all attending to wear a white coat for the Mass, if they have one as an expression of solidarity in our vocation as Catholic physicians and advanced practice providers (I.e. this is called a white Mass.) Our local Catholic Medical Association guild's mission is to help encourage one another to grow in imitation of Jesus Christ in our lives as individuals, spouses, parents, as health care providers and as colleagues. OurbusylivesmakegatheringasCatholichealthcareprovidersdicult,butvital,tocom- bat the spirit of the world that can lead to discouragement, isolation, and failure to live out our mission with integrity. Come to encourage others and to be encouraged. My hope and prayer is that in connecting with others in faith and sharing in the Eucharist, that we will be invigorated by the Divine Physician's call to faithfulness as healers in a so- ciety that needs Christ's love and wisdom. Eucharistic Adoration is available for anyone arriving early and a Rosary will be prayed at 4:00 p.m. Spouses and families are welcome! Please use the Email address below for questions and also to RSVP. Not essential for attendance, but most helpful to prepare. Thank you! Calling all Catholic Physicians and APPs You, your spouse and families are invited and welcomed to attend a Mass for health care Celebrated by Bishop John Doerfler at St. Francis Hospital Chapel in Escanaba on Oct 27 at 5:30 p.m. Mary Whitmer, D.O. - C. M. A. Guild President mcwhitmer@hotmail.com Following Mass there will be a time of refreshment and sharing of a witness to faith by Dr. Michael Degroot, OB/GYN in the hospital conference room on the second loor. We hope to have a venue that allows for each of you to share with each other as well, to build community among our Catholic physicians and advance practitioner providers and we will end by 9:00 p.m. 2017-18 Legacy of Faith grants

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