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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS October 7, 2016 5 BY ELISE HARRIS CNA/EWTN NEWS Less than a week after two Catholic priests in Mexico were abducted and later found mur- dered, the body of a third slain priest, Father Jos Alfredo Lpez Guilln, has been found. He was abducted from his parish on Sept. 19, the same day that authorities found the bodies of Fathers Alejo Nabor Jimnez Jurez and Jos Al- fredo Jurez de la Cruz, in the Diocese of Papantla, in Vera- cruz state. According to the Catholic Multi Media Center, 15 priests have been killed in Mexico in less than four years. The majority of the killings have taken place in areas plagued by drug violence, which continues to terrorize country and fre- quently targets priests, since the Catholic Church is one of the most vocal in speaking out against cartel crimes and activities. Body of third slain priest found in Mexico, 15 slain in last four years

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