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22 October 23, 2015 THE U.P. CATHOLIC www.upcatholic.org Every year Oct. 15 is a day for those who have lost infants to remember their little ones lives. The day is known across the United States as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This year, for the third consecu- tive year, Holy Cross Cemetery in Marquette held a candlelight service for family and friends who have lost an infant. One participant of the service was Angela Beauchamp, who suffered a miscarriage during her irst pregnancy 15 years ago. In 2000 a piece of me went to heaven. My husband Andy and I were excited to be having our first baby. The day after Christmas in 2000, I suffered a miscarriage. I went from growing a human, to mourning the loss of a human, in the blink of an eye, stated Beau- champ. Even though she said she will never understand why she lost her first child, she feels bless- ed that God has given her four healthy children. We have now been blessed with four healthy pregnancies and four healthy babies. Although Ill never understand why the Lord decided that our first time being pregnant wasnt the right time for us, I do understand that he was and is always there for us; carry- ing our grief and our sorrow. The service was held at Rachels Garden at the cemetery. The gar- den serves as a place of memorial and burial for infant deaths and miscarriages. It became a part of the cemetery two years ago, and has since served as a place of peace for many families and a place where they can all come together on Oct. 15. The garden features a large white cross pathway and bench- es for parents and visitors to sit. There is also a statue of Rachel weeping, a statue that often holds special significance to those who have experienced miscarriage and infant loss. Attending the Pregnancy and Infant Loss candlelight service was so important to me, stated Beauchamp. The lights in Ra- chels Garden shine to remind us of the pieces of light the lost ba- bies have left behind for us. Being amongst other women, other par- ents who have suffered as I have, reminded me to take a moment to remember that little heartbeat that once grew inside of me. Burials are held at Rachels Gar- den three times a year, each with a memorial service for the fami- lies. In addition, a stone is in- scribed to memorialize each life. Two funeral homes in Marquette, Canale-Tonell and Fassbender fu- neral homes, have partnered with Holy Cross cemetery to assist with this service. For more information on Ra- chels Garden contact Holy Cross Cemetery at (906) 225-0191. Infants remembered at candlelight service JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC Family, friends and community members gather together at Rachel's Garden at Holy Cross Cemetery in Marquette for a candle light service in recognition of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. BY DEACON THOMAS FOYE THE DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE The department of divine worship for the Diocese of Marquette is pleased to present these brief catechetical reflections on aspects of the Holy Mass. This is the first part of the nine part series. The reflections are also available for parish bulletins, visit www. dioceseofmarquette.org/divineworship/un- derstandingmass The goal of this series of brief reflections is to help us grow in our understanding of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Before we can talk about the Mass, we need to be aware of a few basic principles, building on them to increase our knowledge of the Mass, its purpose and foals. Like a house built on rock, these be- finning articles will focus on basic principles forming a solid foundation upon which we will build our house of understanding. The irst topic will be the Sacra- ments. Jesus loves us. His love was evident when he died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. After his death but before his bodily ascension into Heaven, He want- ed to leave behind a way for all of us to interact with Him, a way each of us could have a personal encounter with Him as the living, risen Lord. He did this by first creating the Church on earth as His Body, then entrusting to it the seven Sacraments which He instituted as the most powerful method of having our own personal encounter with Him. There are many ways of having a personal encounter with Jesus but the deepest personal encounters come only through the seven Sacraments. The next article will delve a little deeper into the definition of a Sacrament and how Jesus is made present through them. Understanding the Mass: Jesus loves you

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