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BY JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC There can be no struggle more important than defending the right to life, there can be no other issue more important than ending what could only be called a national holocaust when we look at what is happening with abortion, stated Father Frank Pavone, the national director for Priests for Life, during the annual Care Clinic fundraising banquet held in Marquette on Oct. 1. If you look at the entire (pro-life) movement, its goal is not simply to reduce the number of abortions, its not simply to speak and advocate against abor- tion, it's not simply to fight abortion. Our goal and mission in which we will succeed is to end abortion. Father Pavone noted that the pro- life movement is about standing up for the right to life and giving the unborn a voice. When we stand up and intervene to save these children, we are not only defending them, we are defending the one who made them. We are defend- ing not only the rights of the children, but the rights of the Creator. These children belong ultimately not to their mothers or their fathers, not to the fovernment, or to the doctor, they belong to God. If they belong to God, its because God made them, and he loves them just like he loves us. He went on to state that as a com- munity and as pro-life supporters, each Christian is called to demon- strate Gods love to that child. The same God that loves us, the same God who we love, we love by loving that child whom he loves. You cannot separate that. To illustrate not being able to sep- arate Gods love, he quoted Sacred Scripture from the first letter of John when he asks, If someone who has worldly means sees a brother in need and refuses him compassion, how can the love of God remain in him? (1 John 3:17) Think about that question, Father Pavone challenged the audience of more than 450. The word of God tells us that the love of God will not survive in us if we dont help somebody that doesnt have enough of this worlds foods. So how much more is that true if what they dont have enough of is the protection of their very life? Because if their life is taken away, all their goods have been taken away. The love of God cannot survive in us if were not defending life, if were not advocating for these children as our own. He also explained that when an abortion occurs, it not only affects the family, but also the entire community. It not only kills the child and wounds the mom and dad, it wounds the entire family. It wounds the friends that help somebody get an abortion and the abortionists and their staff. It wounds everybody, including the people here in this room who try to save those lives. And, very often we save lives and very often we dont. Father Pavone echoed the importance of hav- ing facilities such as the Care Clinic to be that outreach to the commu- nity. The Care Clinic goes out to the public. The public needs to see whats going on here. It is not a private, personal choice, it affects us all. The public witness is crucial. In that public witness, you are serving the community and awakening their conscious with what is going on with abortion. I encourage everybody to look at the pro-life movement with fresh eyes, and say, what is this really all about? Maybe I should fo beyond the slogans, beyond the stereotype and take a good look at what so many food people are doing right here in my own community to save lives and heal wounds, Father Pavone said. Our annual fundraising banquet is not only our biggest fundraiser of the year. Its much more than that.its a chance to save a life! added Cindy Asher, executive director of the Care Clinic. The Care Clinic offers several ser- vices including information about pregnancy, adoption and parenting. The Care Clinic has locations in Mar- quette and K.I. Sawyer. For more information, call the Marquette office at (906) 228- 2273, the K.I. Sawyer office at (906) 346-2606, or visit www.careclinicmqt.org. www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC October 23, 2015 23 Fr. Abraham Mupparathara MCBS Keweenaw Catholic Community + St. Paul the Apostle + Sacred Heart + Keweenaw Catholic Missions Father Abraham, You truly are a Man of God!" Thank you for all you do for us. 409 South 22nd Street, Escanaba, MI 906-786-7550 FR. RICK COURIER FR. FRAN DEGROOT FR. ERIC OLSON WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT! IN C E L E B R A T I O N O F P R I E S T H O O D S U N D A Y Its more than a school... Its a way of life! F R C F E O F F D G Father Pavone speaks on standing up for the unborn at Care Clinic banquet THE SAME GOD THAT LOVES US, THE SAME GOD WHO WE LOVE, WE LOVE BY LOVING THAT CHILD WHOM HE LOVES. JOHN FEE THE U.P. CATHOLIC Father Frank Pavone talks on the importance of defending human life during the annual Care Clinic banquet held at Northern Michigan University in Marquette earlier this month.

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